Hydrogen - Key to Sustainable Energy
Element One
Element One
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Running Time: 58 minutes
G 10-Adult
Geoff Holland


"Recommended...A well-done exposition of what prospects the world has for adopting hydrogen fuel as our main energy source which could replace coal and oil. Representatives of corporations in Canada (Hydro-Quebec and Ballard), Japan, and Germany (BMW) discuss how they are testing the feasibility of this new fuel. Real life examples are presented to show how we can easily apply this new energy source. Its benefits are numerous: it's totally renewable, extremely safe to handle, and pollution free."
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Element One previews the coming hydrogen era, demonstrating how cars and homes can be powered by this clean, efficient energy source. This exciting video delivers the most complete and up-to-date overview of advanced hydrogen technology available today.

It features a colloquium of world class energy experts who review the environmental, political, economic, and historical consequences of our present dependence on fossil fuels. Hydrogen-powered vehicles and energy-producing hydrogen fuel cells are demonstrated in Germany, Canada, Japan, and the United States. Pollution-free, sustainably produced hydrogen is predicted to displace petroleum as the planet's dominant fuel. The program can be divided into segments for classroom discussion.