Aghbalou - The Source of Water
Aghbalou - The Source of Water
Aghbalou - The Source of Water
Item#: AGH-1116
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Running Time: 29 minutes
Grades 8 - Adult
Scene Selection • Closed Captioned
A film by Chouette Films


"Visually compelling… highlights how communities in very water scarce regions such as Morocco have cleverly, and with immense hard work, made sure they had access to water."
–Prof Tony Allan, Stockholm Water Prize Laureate; King’s College, London

“Beautifully filmed... talks about one of the most critical issues facing people: water shortages.”

"The film proves that technological development does not always lead to an improvement in the quality of life... because alternative solutions are often beyond the reach of those who need them the most.”
-AfryKamera Festival

Social justice Category, UKCFF, London

• MIC Genero Festival, Mexico
• TrueDoc Documentary Festival
• Voices from the Waters Festival, India
• 13th MAFF Matsalu Nature Film Festival, Estonia
• Marda Loop Justice Film Festival, Canada
• AfryKamera African Film Festival, Poland
• Mostra Internacional de Cinema da Amazonia, Brazil
• International EuroFilm Festival




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Water is essential for food security and livelihood, especially for the millions of rural poor who rely on agriculture. Aghbalou combines a local story of struggle with a global call to action against the growing challenge of sustaining water supplies in the face of an increasingly hostile climate.

Half of Morocco’s population is employed in agriculture and therefore dependent upon groundwater for both food and employment. The Todgha Valley in Southern Morocco is one of the driest habitats on earth. Yet, residents have successfully sustained their livelihoods and agriculture for centuries through an ancient system of underground channels. But today these age-old communities face new threats and challenges from groundwater over-extraction, population growth, and climate change, among others.

The film also shows how new technologies can present unintended problems for the rural poor. When motorized water pumps were introduced to the region, they provided more water, but affected the balance of aquifers and eventually water wasn’t as easy to reach as it once had been, plus the cost was too high for poorer farmers.

Featuring local farmers from the Todgha Valley and international experts, Aghbalou presents potential strategies to adapt to growing water scarcity and insure a secure future for the rural poor.


- Prof. Thierry Ruf, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (IRD) and School of Agronomy of Montpellier, France

- Prof. Mhamaed Mahdane, University of Agadir

- Lewis Temple, International Development Enterprises

SPEAKERS AVAILABLE: The filmmakers are available to speak at screenings. Contact them for details - info@chouettefilms.co.uk