California High: The Great Marijuana Debate
California High: The Great Marijuana Debate
California High: The Great Marijuana Debate
Item#: CAH-809
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Running Time: 52 minutes
Grades 10 - Adult
Scene Selection • Closed Captioned
A Film by Matthew & Barnaby O’Connor,
Two Man Crew Productions



"Editor's Choice. Very highly recommended.... Well-balanced and timely presentation and discussion of past, present, and proposed laws and regulations regarding marijuana for medicinal and/or recreational use and decriminalization in several states."
–Science Books and Films (AAAS)

"Recommended. A good way to start the discussion on the pros and cons of legalizing marijuana and other drugs. Through interviews with doctors, lawyers, police officers, marijuana distributors, addiction specialists, and advocates on both sides of the issue, this evenhanded program introduces a complex and controversial issue."
– Booklist (ALA)

"Timely for students and adults. Though this documentary focuses on California, the debate on legalizing recreational marijuana is national, making this program relevant across the country. Advocates on both sides of the issue weigh in on the pros and cons of legalization...The program provides valuable information but no definitive answer. The debate goes on.”
–School Library Journal

"Insightfully wrought, compellingly told and ultimately highly thought-provoking. You will never look at the marijuana issue in the same way again."
–Julian Bushell, Founder, NonMultiplex Cinema


World Premiere, Sonoma International Film Festival
Official Selection, Newport Beach Film Festival
Official Selection, Jerome Film Festival


“We believe that if you can flip California, you can flip America. If you flip America, you flip the world on Cannabis legalization.”
– Allen St. Pierre, Head of NORML

“What the drug legalization crowd across the U.S. and across the world has to understand is they will never beat us. We are impassioned, we are motivated and we are never going to give up.”
– Paul Chabot, President of the Coalition for a Drug Free California




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California High presents a balanced look at the intense controversy over the legalization of marijuana and its wide-ranging consequences.

When California voters passed the first medical marijuana laws in 1996 it sparked a chain reaction that led to 18 other states enacting similar laws. Four states have since legalized marijuana for recreational use.

With a statewide vote expected on legalization in November 2016, California is now considered the key battleground in the national marijuana debate. The results of the vote in the largest state in the nation will likely have far-reaching implications for America, and possibly the world.

California High journeys from the indoor grow rooms of Los Angeles to the remote mountains of Humboldt to present the perspectives of people on all sides of the debate – medical marijuana dispensaries, addiction specialists, lawyers, doctors, leaders of major advocacy groups, government officials, and ordinary Californians.

The film begins by exploring how California’s medical marijuana laws have been interpreted and have worked, including the wide variety of marijuana products – from breath mints to bagel bites – now available in thousands of state dispensaries.

It also explores the disputes over the medical value of marijuana and the anticipated impact legalization will have on usage, as well as looking back at the history of marijuana laws and usage in the United States.

As the film shows, this is a debate with no easy answers and even some surprises -- many of the people against the legalization of marijuana are those now growing and selling medicinal pot.


Allen St. Pierre, Director, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML)
Paul Chabot, President, Coalition for a Drug Free California
Robert DuPont, Former White House Drug Chief
Kevin Sabet, Senior White House Drug Policy Advisor
Valerie Corral, Co-Founder, WAMM, Wo/Mens’ Alliance for Medical Marijuana
Dr. Randy Taylor, MD, Medical Marijuana Doctor
Christian Klump, Director, 420 Collective dispensary
Justin Hartfield, CEO, WeedMaps
Stephen Odum, Addiction Specialist, Clinical Director, Simple Recovery
Itai Danovitch, President, California Society of Addiction Medicine
Sheriff Wayne Hanson, Humboldt County
Paul Gallegos, District Attorney, Humboldt County