The Carbon Rush
The Carbon Rush
The Carbon Rush
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Running Time: 84 minutes
& 52 Minutes on One Disc
Grades 10 – Adult
Scene Selection • Closed Captioned
English, Spanish, French and Portuguese Versions
A Film by Amy Miller


"Recommended. A ground breaking documentary about the exchange of carbon credits resulting from Kyoto Protocol. It uncovers the truth behind this exchange on the global environment, as well as its economic impact on several developing countries, revealing global deception about environmental rehabilitation coupled with corruption of local governments."
– Science Books and Films (AAAS)

“One of the finest, most carefully researched and executed political exposés of the year. The Carbon Rush champions the voices of those most impacted by Western economic schemes designed to put band-aids on climate change while destroying communities and lives. It is an incredibly moving, empathetic and measured film that sticks inside you like a thorn that you want to do something about, that you must do something about."
– Ezra Winton, ART THREAT

"A brave and smart documentary which looks deeply into this burgeoning and profitable green scheme. The film has Miller casting her unflinching gaze upon both the supply and demand side of this little-known industry.”
– Dave Markland, RABBLE.CA

“The documentary is filled with shockingly corrupt examples … and sheds light on the state of environmental concern on the corporate level, without being overly alarmist.”

“This one will get you boiling. It shows again how we are shipping our climate change problems out of our sight. Big companies are buying carbon credits, which allow them to keep on emitting as much CO2 as always by supporting projects that reduce emissions in third world countries. Or so they say.”

“The Carbon Rush, exposes the offset projects that are impacting developing countries and their communities so that other nations can continue their industries relatively unchecked..”


Award of Merit, The Indie Festival, USA


- International Environmental Film Festival, Paris
- Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital, USA
- Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, USA
- Newport Beach Film Festival, USA
- Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada
- Global Visions Film Festival, Canada
- RIDM - Montreal International Documentary Festival, Canada
- Planet In Focus Festival, Canada
- Cinéfest, Canada
- Planete + Doc Film Festival, Poland
- Green Nation Film Festival, Brazil
- Docville, International Documentary Film Festival, Belgium



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Narrated by Daryl Hannah

THE CARBON RUSH travels across four continents to investigate the true cost of carbon emissions trading. Are carbon offset projects significantly reducing CO2 emissions, or are they distracting from what is really required to tackle the climate crisis?

To date, there has been over $300 billion of carbon transactions worldwide through over 5,000 registered projects. Instead of focusing resources to move away from a fossil fuel economy, massive international trading ventures were established as the solution to climate change, nicknamed "green gold” by its beneficiaries.

This ground-breaking documentary examines how carbon trading works as established through the United Nations’ Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) as part of the Kyoto Protocol.

The film tours a variety of carbon offset projects around the world, visiting people on the front lines of carbon trading. Their stories and voices have been little-heard as part of the multi-billion dollar carbon trading industry. In Panama, indigenous rain forest dwellers are losing their way of life. In India, waste pickers at landfills can no longer support themselves. And in Honduras, dozens of Campesinos have been assassinated.

THE CARBON RUSH raises fundamental questions about what happens when we attempt to manipulate markets to solve the climate crisis, including who stands to gain and who stands to lose.