The Clean Bin Project
The Clean Bin Project
The Clean Bin Project
Item#: CLE-1067
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Running Time: 50 minutes
+ 77 Minutes on One Disc
Grades 6-Adult
Closed Captioned • Scene Selection
A film by Grant Baldwin and Jenny Rustemeyer


"Highly Recommended. A surprisingly upbeat documentary about a very serious environmental issue -- waste. Combines interesting visual effects with fun facts and statistical data...great for classroom discussions because it asks difficult questions."
- Educational Media Reviews Online

"Recommended. An excellent discussion starter for students and others. This film is as unassuming and amiable as Canadian couple Jen and Grant, who pledge to live waste-free for one year. Use this to promote discussions on recycling and reducing waste."
– Booklist (ALA)

"This inspiring portrait can serve as a springboard for classroom discussion and a motivation for earth-conscious students to make changes in their lives. Interviews with experts in zero waste living and a graphic artist who visually conceptualizes waste production connect the project to the global issue. "
– School Library Journal

"Recommended. Provides some fascinating insight into the habits of a couple as they try to live for a year producing as little waste as possible. The presentation of facts is accurate and well-explained...."
– Science Books and Films (AAAS)

"Highly Recommended. Is it possible to live without generating trash? Canadian filmmakers Jenny Rustemeyer and Grant Baldwin (made) it through an entire 12 months with just a few pounds of waste (like broken dishes) that couldn’t be recycled or composted. Added to the mix are shocking factoids...."
– Video Librarian

“One of those rare documentaries that make you feel like you can do something about the problems in our world. This educational and often humorous film proves that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step -- but is each of us willing to take that first step?”
– Vail Daily

“After a viewing of this motivating movie, one can’t help but consider their own habits. Their uplifting attitude and great sense of humor about achieving the overall goal keeps audiences engaged throughout.”
–Island Times Magazine

"Engaging not lecturing. Suprising and delicious humor. Really, really well shot and edited. Ultimately challenging and deeply moving.”
- North of Superior Film Association

“A revealing look at how different life could be if we reduced our waste.”
- The Chief


Best Conservation Film, Bend Film Festival
Best of Show, Filmshift
Best Canadian Documentary, Projecting Change Film Festival
Blue Sky Tribute, Vail Film Festival
Mobi Award, Journalism/Media, Recycling Council of BC

Official Selection
Newport Beach Film Festival
Planet in Focus Film Festival
World Community Film Festival
Surrey Environmental Film Festival
Festival Surrey Environmental Film Festival



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What would it take to live waste free? What would be the impact on the planet, and on our lives? The Clean Bin Project follows a couple, Jen and Grant, as they go head-to-head in an uplifting and often-humorous competition to see who can produce the least amount of garbage in an entire year.

Their rivalry presents the serious topics of modern consumption habits and waste reduction in a light-hearted, optimistic way that encourages viewers of all ages to consider what simple steps they can take in their own lives and communities.

As they move through the different seasons of the year, we witness the full range of challenges they face -- from weekly shopping for groceries to holiday gift-giving -- and the creative solutions they come up with.

Beyond avoiding toothpicks and making toothpaste from scratch, their competition includes a deeper examination of the sobering problem of waste in North America and how it contributes to major environmental concerns, such as climate change, ocean pollution and others. The film also looks at how and why our consumption habits have changed in the last few decades, contrasting the throw-away culture of today with times not long ago when people were more conscious of the resources they were using.

The creative projects of renowned artist Chris Jordan and an interview with marine pollution expert Captain Charles Moore help illustrate the problems caused by our wasteful habits, and the important contributions we can each make to solutions.