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Cleaning Up Toxics (Set of Two)
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Running Time: 50 minutes
G 9-Adult
Nancy Bickel


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This title is currently offered on VHS, but can be converted to DVD upon request.

Vol. I Cleaning Up Toxics at Home
This program gives simple and practical advice on how we can protect our families from the toxic hazards found in our homes. The video emphasizes safe use, proper disposal, recycling and reduction of the most common household toxics: motor oil, paints, strippers, pesticides, automotive products and heavy-duty cleaners. Highlights include community programs that recycle or dispose of oil, pesticides and paint; a demonstration of simple ways to prevent poisoning and injury from the misuse of household chemicals; and tips from professional housecleaners who use non- toxic and inexpensive cleaning products.

Vol. 2 Cleaning Up Toxics in Business
Small businesses of all kinds are making remarkable changes to protect our environment. Cleaning Up Toxics in Business shows how businesses can use a variety of innovative solutions to comply with increasingly strict environmental regulations. Neighborhood dry cleaners are investing in new equipment that recaptures and reuses virtually all toxic chemicals in their shops. From a brass bed factory to a termite control service, businesses are finding ways to stop pollution before it starts - substituting less hazardous materials or techniques.