Crude Impact
Crude Impact
Crude Impact
Item#: CRU-949-D

Running Time: 98 minutes
G 7-Adult
Vista Clara Films


"Highly Recommended. Enlightening...examines the entire history of oil throughout history and in world cultures and economies. It asks questions concerning our current and future dependence on oil...."
-Educational Media Reviews Online

"Crude Impact" goes deep and expansive on the political, environmental, and cultural costs of American dependence on oil. The message is earnest and sincere, and Wood argues it well, with chilling case studies."
Chicago Tribune, Tasha Robinson

“It is impossible to see this film and not begin to rethink the way we live.”
Lynne Twist, Pachamama Alliance

Crude Impact is a terrific film. I have no hesitation in saying it is the best documentary I have seen on the subject and I would feel very happy about recommending it to anyone. Key I think is its accessibility to someone with no prior exposure to the story of oil.”
Chris Vernon, TheOilDrum.com

“Young people absolutely need to know about this issue, and Crude Impact covers it from all angles. This is a film no educator should be without.'
David W. Smith, Science Teacher, Bay High School

“After watching so many films... I’m a tough audience and it is hard to find something new. This film was as comprehensive as it was compelling.”
Adrienne Bramhall, Sierra Club Productions

Crude Impact is a powerful and thought provoking exploration of the hold that oil has over the world.”


Winner: Best Feature Documentary - Artivist Film Festival
Winner: Social Justice Award - Santa Barbara Film Festival
Official Selection: International Documentary Film Festival (IDFA)
Nominee: Best Documentary, Best Environmental Film, Best Editing - Sacramento International Film Festival


Short Preview broadcast on Link TV - February 2007


Check out the 30-minute High School version

Crude Impact is a powerful and timely story that explores the interconnection between human domination of the planet, and the discovery and use of oil. This documentary film exposes our global, deep-rooted dependency on fossil fuel energy and examines the future implications of peak oil - the point in time when the amount of petroleum available worldwide begins a steady, inexorable decline.

In 1956, M. King Hubbert, a geologist at Shell Research Labs, shocked the oil industry by predicting that United States oil production - the largest in the world at that time - would peak in the early 1970s, and then continuously and irreversibly diminish. His prediction was vilified and largely ignored - until it came true. In Crude Impact, modern experts predict how quickly global peak oil will become a reality and discuss its many serious implications for our way of life and our world. Impacts discussed range from the environmental to the cultural, examining how global oil dependency is impacting everything from human rights practices, world population, renewable energy technologies, political agendas, globalization, wildlife habitats, and of course global economy.

Journeying from the West African Delta region to the heart of the Amazon rainforest, from Washington to Shanghai, from early Man to the unknown future, Crude Impact chronicles the collision of our insatiable appetite for oil with the rights and livelihoods of indigenous cultures, other species and the planet itself. With great depth and insight, the film highlights the underlying myths and beliefs that are propelling us toward what many experts believe will be a cataclysmic period for humanity.

A story filled with discovery, sorrow, outrage, humor, and ultimately hope, Crude Impact uncovers the complex entanglement of the fate of humankind with its fierce dependence on petroleum, while providing a vital inspiration for change.

Available now at feature length, this full version is our best value and ideal for educational venues that can commit considerable time to this topic. Both versions of the film are accompanied by a comprehensive curriculum guide, aligned to national standards in science and the social sciences. A series of informational resources and action opportunities is included, allowing for considerable further study of this critical topic.