Designing Healthy Communities:
Part 1 - Retrofitting Suburbia
Designing Healthy Communities:<br />Part 1 - Retrofitting Suburbia
Designing Healthy Communities:
Part 1 - Retrofitting Suburbia
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Running Time: 56 minutes
56 Minutes + Extra Feature
Grades 10 – Adult
Closed Captioned • Scene Selection
Produced and Directed by Harry Wiland and Dale Bell
Edited, Written and Produced by Beverly Baroff, Media Policy Center



“Highlights changes being made in forward-thinking communities – changes that foster better physical and mental health by redesigning the built environment.”
–Jane Brody, New York Times

“A thoughtful series and book that illustrates how and why building healthy communities is the right prescription for America.”
– George C. Benjamin, MD, Executive Director, American Public Health Association

“Jackson inhabits the frontier between public health and urban planning, and offers us hopeful examples of innovative transformations.”
– Will Rogers, President/CEO, Trust for Public Land

"Designing Healthy Communities directly addresses the 'soft underbelly' of our country's future, if one excuses this intentionally harsh pun; how we are building our communities is a major contributor to the obesity, diabetic and asthma epidemics, which may be the foremost threat to future of our country, its economy and quality of life."
- Christopher Leinberger, 
President, LOCUS: Responsible Real Estate Developers and Investors

Designing Healthy Communities is changing the way we think about the impacts of the built environment on public health. It is only a matter of time before Dr. Jackson teaches and inspires more people like myself to work towards improved public health through creative design for a better future for all.”
- George Maier, University of Georgia Master Program in Geography

“Given its action orientation and its provision of a blueprint for civic engagement and action, Designing Healthy Communities should be of particular interest to community psychologists and applied social psychologists interested in developing approaches to prevention and empowerment with historically disenfranchised persons and others experiencing health disparities.”
– Michael B. Blank, PhD, Psychiatry Department, University of Pennsylvania
– Marlene M. Eisenberg, PhD, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine





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Hosted by author and national health expert Dr. Richard Jackson, MD, MPH

The first episode investigates the connection between our nation’s obesity and Type 2 Diabetes epidemic and suburban sprawl, fueled by dependency on the automobile. Communities profiled are seeking to combat the causes of diabetes by redesigning our car centric society.

Boulder, CO, redesigns the city to make bicycles a safe alternative form of transportation. Two Denver suburbs transform dead malls into mixed use and public transit-centered communities. An abandoned mall in Georgia gains new life as a K-8 charter school. And two former grad students from Georgia Tech create visionary projects that are forever changing the face of Atlanta.

Extra: "What Does Healthy Design Look Like?"

Extended interview with Howard Frumkin, MD, Former Director, CDC's Center for Environmental Health – RT 8:22