Division Street
Division Street
Division Street
Item#: DIV-1002
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Running Time: 63 minutes
Gr. 9 - Adult
Closed Captioned
A film by Eric Bendick


"Highly recommended. Division Street is a beautiful documentary... The interviews and footage highlight issues related to biodiversity, road ecology, endangered species, urban sprawl, and landscape ecology. The film could help start a conversation in courses on regional or urban planning, ecology, and policy. Appropriate for high school and college-level courses."
- Science Books and Films

"Highly recommended. The scope of the video is huge. Can the gray of the highways and the green of wildlife habitat coexist? We hope so."
- Educational Media Reviews Online

"Effectively presents the perspectives of people who are trying to reshape our highways in order 'to save the remaining wild places in between them."
- Science Magazine (AAAS)

"Recommended...the message is both heartfelt and thought-provoking. Explorations of how transcontinental highways have fragmented ecosystems and the ways in which car culture has degraded the quality of life are combined with footage shot in far-flung locations, from the Everglades to Glacier National Park."
- Video Librarian

"A remarkable film about the inroads we have made - figuratively and literally - across the landscape. The paving of natural habitat in every direction, has both enabled us to move at will and marginalized and/or isolated all other land-based animals into the segregated pockets our roads have created for them. At once a road-trip and field experiment, this film is as wonderful to watch and enjoy as it is eye opening."
- Blue Planet Film Festival

“Division Street [takes] us on a road trip that visits the engineers, ecologists and others who are attempting to transform the future of US roads and are shaping the emerging green transportation movement. The film matches thoughtful commentary with some striking photography, adventurous editing and a good, well-matched soundtrack to deliver an entertaining and thought-provoking experience.”
- Reel Earth Film Festival, New Zealand

"Original, thought-provoking, and timely. If you were a wild animal, how would you make your way through our carved-up landscape? We need the kind of paradigm shift that Division Street encourages."
- Judy Irving, Director, "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill"


Best Films of 2010, Science Books and Films

Official Selection
2009 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

Best Conservation Program & Marion Zunz Newcomer Award



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Roads are the largest human artifact on the planet; they have fragmented wild landscapes and the wildlife that lives within them, ushered in the 'age of urban sprawl,' and challenged our sense of community. As the transportation crisis grows, a new generation of ecologists, engineers, planners and citizens are working to transform the future of the American road.

Shot in stunning locations throughout North America -- including Banff National Park, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, and the Everglades -- Division Street takes us on a road-trip that looks at the promise of wildlife corridors, the potential for 'greening' our highway system, and the fusion of high-tech engineering with the best and brightest environmental research happening today.

America's road network was largely created before the rise of modern ecology. Now, with greater concern for the environment, the film asks, how do we balance those concerns with our ongoing transportation needs?

Among those featured are:

Dr. Richard Forman, Prof of Landscape Ecology, Harvard University; Dr. Marty Main, Professor of Wildlife Ecology, University of Florida; and Linda Chapin, Director of the Metropolitan Center for Regional Studies, University of Central Florida.