Fish Out of Water
Fish Out of Water
Fish Out of Water
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Running Time: 55 minutes
G 9-Adult
Daniel Breton


"Succeeds on multiple levels. The exquisite filming takes the viewer into the burrows of nesting puffins for a voyeuristic look at chick feeding that includes full sound. A glimpse of the emotional investment humans have made in the project emerges artfully from the film.
The captivating ecology and behavior of the birds are featured prominently and will broadly appeal to diverse audiences from ornithologists to bird novices. Fish Out of Water receives my highest recommendation and should be considered for junior high, high school, college and public library collections."
- Educational Media Reviews Online

"Beautifully filmed...a wonderful story of how one person made a difference."
- David Sibley, author of the Audubon Society's Sibley Guide to Birds

"The wildlife footage is nothing short of glorious."
- Dr. Stephen W. Kress, Audubon biologist and Director of Project Puffin


- Finalists' Award; Merit Award for Conservation Message; Merit Award for Presentation of a Sustained Conservation Effort, 2002 International Wildlife Film Festival



- EarthVision 2004

Each summer, Atlantic puffins return to Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge in the gulf of Maine to raise their young. Fish Out of Water is an intimate look into the lives of these colorful seabirds and includes the first-ever recorded scenes of Maine coast puffins feeding and raising their chicks inside a rock burrow.

This award-winning film also explores the intriguing lives of Arctic and common terns and the history of National Audubon Society biologists working with Project Puffin to restore and preserve these fragile seabird colonies.