Forces of Nature, Volume 1
Forces of Nature, Volume 1
Forces of Nature, Volume 1
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Running Time: 50 minutes
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Gr. 6 - Adult
A film by The Brower Youth Awards


"Recommended. This compilation of short winner profiles gives students a taste of what their peers are involved in and will hopefully inspire them to action in their own communities. What they all have in common are their passion, and obvious and vocal initiative for all things related to saving the planet and mankind. Inspiring and informative, Forces of Nature... is best suited for school libraries, and compliments curriculum units on environmental studies and volunteerism."
- Educational Media Reviews Online

"Though each profile is brief, this DVD will inspire school-aged children to become active in service-learning projects in their communities. Their stories and the societal issues they address, are as diverse as the communities in which they live."
- Green Teacher Magazine

"We need to know that our youth is interested in charting another path that does not equal wholesale liquidation of the natural world. The Brower Youth Awards offer us the best opportunity to find and celebrate those young individuals."
Ed Begley, Jr.
actor and environmental activist

"David Brower was one of my great heroes, and the winners of the Youth Award named in his honor are his real heirs. I've known many--and they're changing the world."
Bill McKibben
author, environmentalist, and educator, Middlebury College

"Our middle school students were inspired by the Brower Youth Awards, where everyday heroes working for social justice and environmental sustainability are honored."
Kathryn Lee
teacher, Prospect Sierra School (K-8)




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Forces of Nature, Volume 1 profiles the inspirational grassroots work of 12 young people recognized with the nation's top youth environmental prize - the Brower Youth Awards. Named after famed environmentalist David Brower, the awards recognize people ages 13 to 22 in North America who have shown outstanding leadership on a project or campaign with positive environmental and social impact.

Among those profiled in short 4-5 minute segments are diverse and talented young people who are:

- Transforming the food and eating practices at universities across California.

- Launching a company that focuses on energy efficiency projects led by community members.

- Training hundreds of young people to become climate champions.

- Launching a non-profit to create a migratory corridor in the Costa Rican rainforest.

- Educating a community about the dangers of living near dirty coal-fired power plants.

The DVD can be viewed in two 25 minute segments, or in 12 short segments.

Forces of Nature, Volume 1 is a beautiful examination of service work. Teachers who promote service learning and community engagement will find this an inspirational tool with their classes. The awardees are charismatic young heroes for planet Earth, whose stories, struggles, and victories inspire people of all ages.