GMOs & the Changing Face of Agriculture Series
GMOs & the Changing Face of Agriculture Series
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GMOs & the Changing Face of Agriculture Series focuses on the spread of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our global food supply. The four films investigate the environmental, economic, and health consequences of this disturbing trend.

Genetic Time Bomb Genetic, 50 min.
Time Bomb is an excellent introduction to the little-known topic of genetic diversity of food crops. As high-yield hybrids replace traditional food crops worldwide, thousands of heirloom plant species have become extinct. Irreplaceable genetic material is being lost that may one day be needed to ward off the effects of devastating pests, diseases, or droughts.

Against the Grain - Biotechnology: The Corporate Takeover of Your Food, 13 min.
Against the Grain shows the scope and scale of the genetic engineering enterprise and how it threatens to destabilize agriculture as we know it. Health issues range from the introduction of novel gene products with potential allergenicity to the possibility of alterations in plant chemistry, such as changes in estrogenic activity in the soybean.

Food for Thought, 28 min.
Do you know that many of the foods on our supermarket shelves-including most of the corn and soy and canola products-are genetically engineered? Did you know that scientists are crossing species that would never breed in nature, such as tomatoes and fish, or toads and potatoes? How do you feel about eating genetically altered food that actually is a pesticide? None of these genetically engineered foods are tested or labeled by the government, yet many of us are unknowingly eating them every day.

Terminator Tomatoes, 6 min.
Terminator Tomatoes is a five-minute animated film about the dangers of biologically altered seeds and produce. Shot on 35 mm color film, and using stop-motion animation puppets and miniature sets, the film tells the story of a small time farmer who gets too involved with a chemical corporation's idea of a tomato. The purpose of the film is to raise the public's awareness of genetically modified foods and to speculate where this technology is headed.