Green Dreams
Green Dreams
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Running Time: 30 minutes
G 8-12
Alison Bowman


"Green Dreams is an inspiring film that shows people making a tangible difference in the city. An excellent tool for any group working on gardening, environmental awareness, or finding solutions to urban decay."
- Library Journal

"The efforts of the San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners (SLUG) to teach job skills, provide employment, and improve the lives of low-income, at-risk city residents is the subject of this video. SLUG employee Leroy Musgraves details his work with children, fostering both self-respect and respect for the rest of creation.

A tour of the Garden of the Environment shows an organized education center where grade-school children learn about the soil and the importance of doing one's part to heal the earth. At Hunter's Point, teens who would otherwise be lost to the streets are getting a new perspective on life. Lives are also changed as reading skills and basic math skills are taught in a practical, nonjudgmental context, thus providing the education that so many participants lack.

This demonstrates a local approach to solving social and environmental problems that are linked, as noted by several leaders and participants in the Garden Program. The project isnít presented as a "cure-all," but it does provide reasonable wages and an alternative to dealing on the street. This is a delightful, informative production that provides ideas other communities could use. Recommended for academic, public, and special libraries."
- Video Librarian




Urban gardening projects are doing more than beautifying blighted areas - they create jobs, get at-risk teens off the streets, rehabilitate addicts, counteract inner-city degradation, provide a sanctuary for handicapped adults, encourage literacy and strengthen math skills, and build self-esteem. Green Dreams looks at a variety of gardening projects and profiles the people they benefit.