Greening of Cuba: Verde Que Te Quiero Verde
Greening of Cuba: Verde Que Te Quiero Verde
Greening of Cuba: Verde Que Te Quiero Verde
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Running Time: 38 minutes
G 10-Adult
Marilyn Brochardt


The Greening of Cuba is a testament to the spirit of the Cuban people, and is of interest to farmers, gardeners, and all those who care about the future of the earth and of humankind. It celebrates the unbending will, creative ingenuity, and infectious spirit of the Cubanos, and the strength of their resistance.

This video shows that…Cubans undertook the largest conversion to organic agriculture ever attempted, and they have carried it with remarkable success…The Greening of Cuba allows farmers, young people, agronomists, urban gardeners, oxen-handlers and campesinos in the countryside to tell us in their own words (and music) and to show us how thy accomplished this…This video is a valuable tool for engaging people in the dialogue and struggle, and in sparking our imaginations and warming our hearts to find solutions.”
-Avon Leekley, Journal of Anti-Racist Action, Research & Education




-NYC Sierra Club Film Festival
-San Francisco Environmental Film Festival
-Taos Talking Picture Festival
-The Other America Film Festival
-San Antonio Festival Ciné Latino
-World Community Film Festival, Alberta
-Festival de Nuevo Ciné Latino Americana

Witness an entire nation transforming its agriculture using organic techniques. The Greening of Cuba profiles Cuban farmers and scientists working to reinvent a sustainable agriculture, based on ecological principles and local knowledge rather than imported machinery and agro-chemicals. When trade relations with the socialist bloc collapsed in 1990, Cuba lost 80% of its pesticide and fertilizer imports and half of its petroleum - the mainstays of its highly industrialized agriculture.

Challenged with growing food for 11 million people in the face of the continuing U.S. embargo, Cuba embarked on the largest conversion to organic farming ever attempted. The Greening of Cuba is told in the voices of the campesinos, researchers, and organic gardeners who are leading the organic agriculture movement.

This moving video reminds us that entire nations can choose a healthier environment and still feed their people. Spanish with English subtitles. Inquire about Spanish version without subtitles.