How to Boil a Frog
How to Boil a Frog
How to Boil a Frog
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Running Time: 87 minutes
Grades 9-Adult
Chaptered for Scene Selection • Closed Captioned
A Film by Jon Cooksey


"Featuring humor, fast-paced editing, animation, and lots of facts presented by experts, Jon Cooksey tells about his awakening to the crisis of global warming. He advocates that the time is now to act and we are all leaders in creating solutions."
–School Library Journal

"Recommended. A unique blend of comedy and facts, as well as the incorporation of personal and expert interviews, to make complex environmental issues easier to understand and more accessible. The cinematography and sound quality of this film are excellent. This documentary with its entertaining yet serious message regarding the future of our world would make a great addition to any library, public or academic, or classroom collection."
– Educational Media Reviews Online

"Jon Cooksey’s How to Boil a Frog brings humor to a deadly serious subject: Earth’s future. With a refreshingly flip style that pulls no punches, Cooksey employs animation, jump cuts, talking heads, and a lot of role playing to address five major areas of concern. Packaged with a helpful study guide, this funny and sobering environmental documentary is highly recommended."
- Video Librarian

"How to Boil a Frog should be an excellent motivator for the teenagers it targets to enact necessary, far - reaching environmental change."
-Green Teacher

“A feisty little film which is down-home in style, and humorous.”
– Vancouver Sun

“Ambitious and insightfully practical…I give this one high marks. (Cooksey) has tapped in to an important way to communicate tough issues to an increasingly distracted audience: make ‘em laugh. He presents it all with an edgier take on the whole Bill Nye the Science Guy vibe. Only, the PG-13 version. Hey, it works for Jon Stewart.”
– Transition Voice


Best Environmental Film, FilmShift Film Festival
Best Documentary & Best Director, Los Angeles Movie Awards
Best Green Film, Mammoth Film Festival
Finalist, Screenwriting Award, Writer’s Guild of Canada
Best Documentary, World-wide Festival of Extreme Cinema San Sebastian de Veracruz 2012
Grand Prix Ecology, VII FilmAT – Film, Art & Tourism Festival

Official Selection
Wild and Scenic Film Festival
Newport Beach Film Festival
Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival
San Antonio Film Festival
Warsaw Film Festival
Blue Planet Film Festival
Warsaw Film Festival Blue Planet Film Festival



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• Colleges, Institutions, & Businesses: $250
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There’s plenty of serious documentaries on the world’s environmental problems. How to Boil a Frog takes a different approach, mixing fast-paced comedy with hard-hitting facts to help make complex subjects both understandable and more engaging. The accompanying study guide, done in the same style as the film, is an additional useful and unique resource.

This highly entertaining film features everyman dad narrator, Jon Cooksey (a screenwriter in real life), who is a guy worried about his daughter’s future. Cooksey effectively plays a dozen different characters in the film to illustrate his points, from a lab-coated scientist to a surfer. He recounts his own wake-up moment, on the subject of climate change, and his subsequent discovery that global warming is part of a bigger problem: “global overshoot” – humans putting too much demand on our limited natural world.

After presenting the consequences of overshoot, Jon launches into a clever review of five major problems and how they’re connected: overpopulation, the war on nature, income inequality, peak oil and finally global warming. From there, he offers a set of positive solutions that can be accomplished by individuals and families to help turn things around. Along with the comedy, the movie interweaves high quality animation and world-class experts in relevant fields (presented both briefly and humorously) to help encourage both awareness and action.

ADVISORY: PG13 for some language and scenes.

STUDY GUIDE: The 64 page multi-disciplinary guide for high school to college classes mirrors the style of the movie: funny and colorful. It follows the movie’s structure and examines issues more in depth. A teacher’s section aligns the movie with various curricula, and includes questions and exercises for students.

Download Study Guide (PDF - 8 MB)