In a Time of Headlong Progress
In a Time of Headlong Progress
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Running Time: 45 minutes
G 10-Adult
Maureen Wellner


"This compelling film clearly shows the challenge of reconciling biodiversity conservation with economic realities in Brazil, and profiles the pioneering conservationists that are trying to make it happen."
- Richard E. Rice, Ph.D., Director of Economic Policy Conservation International




In the name of progress, over 90% of the lush rainforests in Bahia along the Atlantic Coast of Brazil have been destroyed. This destruction now threatens the economic well-being of the region as well as the habitat of the endangered golden-headed lion, tamarin, a flagship species signalling the loss of biodiversity in the region.

Weaving rich images of Bahia and the seldom-filmed tamarin, In a Time of Headlong Progress is a lively, comprehensive look at the complex economic and social factors behind deforestation, and the hopeful, innovative work of pioneering Brazilian conservationist Cristina Alves. Alves is working to develop an indigenous conservation ethic where none existed before, in hopes that Bahians will see that their long-term survival is tied to the fate of the tamarin. She is attempting to create a model that balances economic needs with the conservation of rainforests.

This beautifully shot production is an excellent tool for teaching the causes of rainforest and habitat destruction, the challenges of conservation in developing nations, wildlife management, and solutions to deforestation and species extinction.