The Struggle for the Ballona Wetland (update 2000)
The Last Stand: The Struggle for the Ballona Wetland
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Running Time: 57 minutes
G 10-Adult
Sheila Laffey


"Captivating production...fast moving, comprehensive report"
- Hollywood Reporter

"This is a good time for folks like me who have not payed attention to get involved."
- Bob Scheer, L.A. Times

"a must-see film...that documents money and power over all the right things."
- Worldfest Houston

"The Last Stand, The Struggle for Ballona Wetlands makes its position on the proposal clear, but while the film constructs a solidly convincing argument for leaving the wetlands be, it also presents a clear-eyed and even-tempered account of the many factions battling over Ballona's fate."
- LA Weekly

"If environmental documentaries are to change the world, they need to be both passionate and balanced. The Last Stand is..."
-The Honolulu Advertiser


- Winner, Earthvision '99 Environmental Film & Video Festival
- Best Documentary, Santa Monica Film Festival
- Cine Golden Eagle Gold Star
- Gold Star, Worldfest Houston International Film Festival
- First Prize for Best Documentary, San Luis Obispo International Film Festival


- Aired on 40 PBS stations


A spirited film which centers on the politics, players & environmental issues in the debate over preservation and development at the Ballona Wetlands set against the backdrop of Hollywood. 87 local citizen groups are pitted against Playa Vista, the largest development in the country.

We hear from scientists, environmentalists, native Americans, actors, filmmakers, authors, development advocates, and politicians. The documentary concludes with inspiring examples of citizens who are making a difference.