The Last One
The Last One
The Last One
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Running Time: 70 minutes
Grades 9 - Adult
A film by Nadine Licostie
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"Highly Recommended. Eye-opening...an exceptional job of bringing together all the issues that surround the AIDS crisis — the bigotry and uneducated statements and decision making by those in power in the 1980s.... Sadly, the stigma attached to AIDS and the fight to save lives continues, and the film includes infographic style visuals illustrating the staggering statistics on current morbidity and mortality numbers from AIDS/HIV."
–Educational Media Reviews Online

"Starred Review. This thought-provoking program presents an updated history of the AIDS epidemic and the AIDS memorial quilt in the U.S. With one in four new AIDS infections occurring annually among young people, this is definitely appropriate for young adult audiences."
- Booklist (ALA)

"Highly Recommended. Editor's Choice. An excellent teaching tool for future and current generations. The historical background...was well presented, and helped combat stereotypes by showing scientific information about transmission and sexual safety. The video also discussed how the lessons learned decades ago are being forgotten today."
- Science Books and Films (AAAS)

"Highly recommended. A powerful, moving film... One of the most distinctive memorials in modern times was not built from stone or marble, but rather pieced together from fabric: the AIDS Memorial Quilt, which began in 1985 and has since grown to memorialize the names of more than 80,000 Americans who died from AIDS-related complications."
- Video Librarian

"DVD Pick of the Month. A revealing look at the effects of ignorance, stigma, and discrimination, which cause the disease to spread. Statistics here are important for young adults to understand: 80 percent of those now being diagnosed with the disease are heterosexual, while only 15 percent are gay. This film deserves a place on middle school and high school library shelves."
- School Library Journal

"The Last One is a moving and jarring exploration of where the United States is at this moment in the AIDS crisis. The film masterfully shows how widespread the epidemic is, by focusing on the ignorant perceptions that still persist....The AIDS Memorial Quilt has been a driving force in keeping the issue of HIV and AIDS in the national conversation....as a treasured national artifact."
–Provincetown Magazine

"This moving and acclaimed documentary explores the different U.S. and international communities that have been touched by the epidemic."

"As our culture has become increasingly virtual, the handmade tribute remains a powerful human-scaled response to a political and medical disaster."
-Boston Globe

"This extraordinary, new documentary examines how stigma and discrimination exacerbated, and still fuel, a disease that has claimed the lives of 30 million people, and currently infects 34 million more around the globe. This emotional and moving story tells the history behind the quilt, and the important role it continues to play today.”
-American Documentary Film Festival


Official Selection, American Documentary Film Festival
Official Selection, Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Official Selection, OutFest Los Angeles
Official Selection, Frameline Film Festival
Official Selection, Provincetown International Film Festival
Official Selection, Cleveland International Film Festival



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The Last One presents an updated history of the AIDS epidemic in America through the story of the AIDS Memorial Quilt. The film traces how what at first was labeled a "gay disease" now disproportionately impacts the African American community, including women and youth.

In the 1980s, as AIDS ravaged the gay community in the U.S., the AIDS Quilt was born as a tool to help promote understanding and treatment. Through the intensely personal stories of those involved with the Quilt, including founder Cleve Jones, The Last One examines how stigma, discrimination, and the lack of access to care exacerbated a disease that now infects over 1 million Americans, with nearly 50,000 new cases every year.

The film follows the path of the Quilt on tour, visiting a variety of communities and people, including a high school where a young African American woman born with AIDS speaks out to fight stigma in her community. Through her story and others the film explores the issues fueling HIV infections among youth today.

Now more than 50 miles long were it to be laid out end-to-end, the Quilt is displayed in communities and schools to promote AIDS awareness, with the hope that the last quilt panel will one day become a reality.


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