Love Thy Nature
Love Thy Nature
Love Thy Nature
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Running Time: 76 minutes
& 59 + 25 Minute Versions
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Spanish, French, German and Portuguese Subtitled Versions Included

Grades 6 - Adult
A Film by Sylvie Rokab
Narrated by Liam Neeson


“Love Thy Nature is a breathtaking, enlightening and powerful ode to the vital symbiosis of man and nature. It’s one of the most powerful and inspiring documentaries since An Inconvenient Truth. Love Thy Nature will replenish your hope in mankind and nature while nourishing your mind, body and soul concurrently.”
– Avi Offer, NYC Movie Guru

"Every once in awhile, a film presents statistics that stop you in your tracks. Love Thy Nature, an uplifting and beautifully choreographed film about the interconnectedness of the world, has a few important factoids for you to noodle on.”
– Rocky Kistner, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

"Love Thy Nature draws connections between sensory overload, unhealthy foods, and windowless work spaces to disease, lower IQs in children, and depression. It promotes the goal of building nature into everyday experiences - from places of learning and work to hospitals and homes.”
– Marcia G. Yerman, The Huffington Post

"Rokab alternates between hopeful and grim prognoses, mercifully providing a measure of hope and possibility that many films of this ilk do not.”
– Village Voice

"Filmmaker Sylvie Rokab... sees light at the end of the tunnel through a biological revolution focusing on biomimicry, a relatively recent development in which sustainable technology is informed by nature’s models and designs."
– Los Angeles Times


• Best Documentary, Fort Lauderdale Film Festival
• Best Documentary Feature, Honolulu Film Awards
• Audience Award Best Documentary, Indie Spirit Film Festival • Best of Show, Cinema Verde Film Festival
• Best Social Benefit Doc, Eugene Int’l Film Festival
• Best of Show Documentary Feature, IndieFEST Film Awards
• Platinum Award Documentary, International Movie Awards
• Platinum Award Cinematography, International Indie Film
• Outstanding Achievement Humanitarian Award, IndieFest Film Awards
• Outstanding Merit Award Best Cinematography, Richmond Int’l Film Festival




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Narrated by Liam Neeson

Love Thy Nature vividly illustrates how we've lost touch with nature and presents a compelling case that reconnecting with the natural world is the key to improving personal health and ensuring our survival on earth.

Traversing the globe, the film celebrates the dazzling natural spectacles of our planet, while also revealing how a deeper connection with nature can transform each of us and inspire us to restore endangered ecosystems, as well as the human family.

Liam Neeson provides the voice of Homo Sapiens — our collective humankind — reflecting on how in the past several thousand years we have become separate from nature, believing we were meant to subdue it. The film especially traces the disconnect between humans and nature from the agrarian and industrial revolutions to the digital revolution. This disconnect has disrupted billions of years of evolution, leading to a mass extinction of species and threatening the very survival of the human race.

With the help of a variety of experts, the film highlights the restorative power of nature and several hopeful new developments. The emerging science of biomimicry emulates and borrows from nature’s designs rather than simply harvesting its raw materials. In the medical field, doctors are unveiling new findings on the role of nature in sustaining and healing the human body, and have discovered that spending time in nature can promote personal health and emotional stability.

Ultimately, Love Thy Nature shows how a renewed connection with nature is key both to improving our well-being and to solving our environmental crisis, and proposes some simple ways to make nature a bigger part of our lives.


• Dayna Baumeister, PhD, Co-Founder, Biomimicry Institute
• Brian Swimme, PhD, Cosmologist and Author
• Andy Lipkis, Founder, TreePeople
• Duane Elgin, Author and NASA Consultant
• Stephen R. Kellert, PhD, Professor of Social Ecology, Yale University
• Evon Peter, Indigenous Leader, University of Alaska
• Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD, Psychiatrist and Author
• Jay Harman, Biomimicry Inventor
• Elisabet Sahtouris, PhD, Evolutionary Biologist
• Philip Barr, MD
• Alex Zaphiris, MD

Ideal for use in classrooms or other settings to help students understand the value of experiencing nature and encourage them to get outside.