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Mama Earth: Eco-Econ 101
Mama Earth: Eco-Econ 101
Mama Earth: Eco-Econ 101
Item#: MAM-979-D

Running Time: 21 minutes
Gr. 7-Adult
A film by Leslie Bloom & Brad Van Ee


“Highly recommended in support of middle school and high school curricula in environmental studies and lends itself well to teaching the concepts of economy in ecology, energy use, and renewable resources. The possibility for a growing EcoEconomy seems limited only by the imagination of the students who will champion Mama Earth in the future.”
- Educational Media Reviews Online

"I show Mama Earth to my classes and it always gets a great response. It is so much more engaging that the typical documentary and it also conveys a huge amount of important information. Students love it."
- Dr. Robert Costanza, Director, Gund Institute for Ecological Economics, University of Vermont

“Gore’s film just says we have to do something. “Mama Earth” says, yeah we have to do something, and looks at who is doing it! The students love her and think – hey, I bet I can define the future too!”
-Linda Hedine, Middle School / High School Educator


Winner: Best Sustainability Film - Pine Film Festival
Winner: Calypso Award - Moondance Film Festival
Winner: Aurora Platinum Award - Environmental Protection
Winner: Aurora Gold Award - Use of Music



With humor and compassion, Mama Earth provides an inspiring introduction to the concepts of environmental economics, sustainability and new paths to healthier communities and protecting natural resources, all while attaining a more profitable bottom line.

Employing concepts of sustainability, ecological economics, and natural capital, the film shows how conventional economics encourages exploitation of our natural resources, ignoring the value of critical goods and services like clean air and water, fertile soil, and other natural assets.

We hear from economists who propose a new model that puts a hard currency value on the virgin resources, considered “Natural Capital,” being harvested from the earth, and impose a value on the burden of squandering these resources in the forms of waste, byproduct and pollution. Mama Earth dispels the myth that being eco-friendly is merely an altruistic endeavor. In the future, it will be the way businesses not only positively impact the environment, but their bottom line as well.