The Man Who Planted Trees Deluxe Edition DVD Box Set
The Man Who Planted Trees Deluxe Edition DVD Box Set
The Man Who Planted Trees Deluxe Edition DVD Box Set
Item#: MAN-888-D

Running Time: 300 minutes
All Ages
Closed Captioned
Canadian Broadcasting Compangy (CBC) Radio Canada


"A masterpiece of the animator's art."
- LA Times


- Includes two films that have won Academy Awards for Best Short Animation, and one Academy Award Nominated film for Best Short Animation



This film is no longer available through The Video Project. Please contact the CBC Learning for additional information on availability.

Presented on 4 DVDs, The Man Who Planted Trees Deluxe Edition is the complete collection of celebrated works by one of the most acclaimed animators of our time, Frederic Back. All of his works deal with humanity's relationship with nature.

This tribute to Frederic Back contains 9 animated short films, digitally remastered for the first time, featuring Academy Award Winners The Man Who Planted Trees and Crac!, and the Academy Award Nominated film The Mighty River.

The Man Who Planted Trees tells the inspirational story of a solitary shepherd who patiently plants and nurtures a forest of thousands of trees, single-handedly transforming his arid surroundings into a thriving oasis. Undeterred by two World Wars and without any thought of personal reward, the shepherd tirelessly sows his seeds and acorns. As if by magic, a landscape that seemed condemned grows green again. A film of great beauty and hope, this story is a remarkable parable for all ages and an inspiring testament to the power of one person.

The Mighty River, narrated by Donald Sutherland, focuses on a major waterway - the St. Lawrence River - wondrously recreating the history, beauty and tragedy of the seaway, providing a passionate lesson about human impact on our fragile natural resources.

Interviews with Frederic Back, Interview with Jean Giono (author of the book The Man Who Planted Trees, interview with Hubert Tison (executive producer of the film The Man Who Planted Trees, Frederic Back biography, interactive menus, photo galleries, lists of Festivals and Awards, and more!

Includes the following films:

The Man Who Planted Trees
The Mighty River
Inon or the Conquest of Fire
The Creation of Birds
All Nothing