The Mighty River
The Mighty River
The Mighty River
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Running Time: 24 minutes
G 5-Adult
James St. Clair


"Highly recommended. A breathtakingly beautiful meditation on the past, present, and questionable future of the St. Lawrence River. A wondrously animated film that combines Back's sharp eye and talent for portraying the interconnectedness within nature along with a sobering message."
- Video Librarian


- Academy Award Nominee, Best Animated Short Film
- Grand Prize Winner, International Animated Film Festival, France
- Gold Apple, National Educatonal Film & Video Festival
- Los Angeles Critics Award



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Academy Award Nominee, Best Animated Short

Narrated by Donald Sutherland and created by Frederic Back, the Oscar-winning animator of The Man Who Planted Trees, this richly animated film wondrously recreates the grace, beauty and tragedy of nature, presenting a passionate lesson about human impact on our fragile waterways.

Using the St. Lawrence River as its focus, The Mighty River traces the history of this majestic waterway, from its natural beginnings through its early use by native people and European settlers to the present day. Colors, forms, and images seamlessly flow together, blended with poetic narration and evocative music. The river is portrayed as one of nature's most glorious habitats, a source of beauty and a seemingly unlimited provider of life. But the river's resources are not unlimited. Gradually, the river is surrounded by factories and polluted with waste, its wildlife decimated and grand forests cut down. Finally, its resources over-exploited, the river calls out for rebirth.

This top-selling film is a wonderful tool for stimulating discussion or study about any river - or more generally about our impact on nature itself. It is a clear, inspiring call to environmental responsibility, useful in many settings.