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Running Time: 76 minutes
Gr. 10-Adult
Ethnographic Media


"Highly Recommended. Miss HIV covers a wide range of issues relating to HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. The film highlights different ideologies for prevention of HIV/AIDS infection, using Botswana and Uganda as examples The film quality of Miss HIV is excellent. It is visually beautiful, clear with a nice artistic flare. Highly recommended for all classes discussing public health policies as well as those studying HIV/AIDS issues."
- Educational Media Reviews Online

"Recommended. Africa is at the center of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and the focus of international efforts to educate Africans and fight the disease. Narrated by Della Reese, the documentary explores the battle over international HIV/AIDS policy. Although the program leans toward advocating abstinence, both sides of the debate are presented, demonstrating how complicated the fight has become."
- Booklist

"Recommended. (An) informative documentary about AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa, alternating between the lives of those living with the disease and those who aim to provide treatment. Miss HIV...judiciously allows both sides equal opportunity to explain their positions in this thought-provoking documentary."
- Video Librarian




-Africa World Festival of Documentary Films,
-San Francisco Black Film Festival,
-Heartland Film Festival
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Narrated by Della Reese

AIDS is the leading killer of people under 60 in the world today, most in sub-Saharan Africa. Unlike any other film on AIDS, Miss HIV explores the battle over international HIV/AIDS policy and its impact.

The film also highlights how some in Africa are fighting to overcome the paralyzing stigma associated with AIDS -- one of the primary obstacles in the fight against the disease. The documentary gives voice to women in Botswana participating in the Miss HIV Stigma-Free pageant, and college students in Uganda fighting the stigma associated with their choice to remain abstinent.

Filmed across Africa and at the International AIDS Conference in Toronto, Miss HIV brings into focus the struggle between the conflicting approaches to AIDS education and prevention. The film presents experts advocating on both sides of the AIDS policy struggle -- those supporting broader distribution of condoms and retroviral drugs, and those who believe abstinence and faithfulness should be the first line of defense, especially in Africa. The film devotes considerable time to exploring Uganda's apparent success with the "ABC" strategy for prevention (Abstinence, Be faithful, and Condoms as a last resort).

Among those featured in the film are Bill and Melinda Gates, Harvard Anthropologist Dr. Edward Green, UCSF Professor Dr. Norman Hearst, and Ugandan pastor Martin Ssempa, among many others, including those infected with HIV/AIDS who speak eloquently for themselves.

Miss HIV is a useful starting point for further exploration of the impact of the AIDS epidemic in Africa and the competing strategies.

Rated PG13