Nourish: Food + Community
Nourish: Food + Community
Nourish: Food + Community
Item#: NOU-1008
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Running Time: 26 minutes
+ 11 short films
DVD with Scene Selection + Downloadable Study Guide
Gr 7 - Adult

Produced by WorldLink


"Recommended. A beautifully filmed presentation, Nourish quickly provides a lot of practical suggestions, inspiration and starting points for making food choices or asking questions about sustainable food production."
- Educational Media Reviews Online

"Recommended. Recognizing that food has sociological, political, biological, and ethical components, Nourish: Food + Community explores these connections on a worldwide stage (and) invites viewers to think about what they consume in new and important ways."
- Video Librarian

"This film nourishes the mind, heart, and eye. Beautiful and thought-provoking."
Zenobia Barlow, Executive Director, Center for Ecoliteracy

"Nourish will help us all deepen our national conversation about good food. Nourish reminds us of our intimate connection to the food system, and what each of us can do to help fix what is now a system in great disrepair."
Oran Hesterman, President, Fair Food Network

“These amazing resources gather everything we want to teach our students about the food system into a beautiful package.”
—Vanessa Zajfen, Farm to School Specialist, San Diego Unified School District


Winner, Cine Golden Eagle Award
Official Selection, Wild & Scenic Film Festival
Official Selection, Better World Festival
Official Selection, Whole Foods Let’s Retake Our Plates Festival
Official Selection, Eat Real Festival



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K-12 Schools, Public Libraries, & Non-Profits: $44.95
Colleges, Institutions, & Businesses: $89.95
Colleges, Institutions, & Businesses (with DSL): $389.95


Hosted by Cameron Diaz

What's the story of our food? Where did it come from and how did it get to us? What is the impact of the food choices we make?

Nourish vividly illustrates how what we choose to eat - individually and as a society - has an effect around the world, and how making more wholesome choices can improve the health of the environment, our communities and ourselves.

With beautiful visuals and inspiring stories, Nourish traces our relationship to food from a global perspective and suggests the steps individuals can take to create a more sustainable food system and live more healthful lives.

Nourish includes commentary from:
  • Michael Pollan, Author, The Omnivore's Dilemma and In Defense of Food
  • Anna Lappé, Author, Hopes Edge, and sustainable food advocate
  • Bryant Terry, Chef and author, Vegan Soul Kitchen
  • Dr. Nadine Burke, Medical Director, Bayview Child Health Center
  • Nigel Walker, organic farmer, Eatwell Farm

Ideal for teens, young adults and their families.

Produced by WorldLink, an Emmy Award-winning media and education group
that also created Power Shift: Energy + Sustainability.

Download the free 83 page Nourish Curriculum Guide
A companion to the film, the Guide contains a viewer's guide, six learning activities, action projects, and more.