Panda Nursery
Panda Nursery
Panda Nursery
Item#: PAN-1036
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Running Time: 50 minutes
Gr. 6 - Adult
Closed Captioned
Produced by Natural History New Zealand (NHNZ)


"Recommended. Some good lessons are presented on survival issues and conservation efforts in the wild. The life history of the species is well detailed, showing all aspects of the young and adult pandas, including their diet, growth rate, mating, and birthing. The DVD is nicely scripted and the video footage is excellent."
- Science Books and Films (AAAS)

"Recommended. Documents the first six months in the life of panda twins born on the Reserve, where a rescued wild panda mom and a veterinarian share the burden of swap-raising the twin cubs. The documentary also provides a great deal of information about the biology, behavior, diet and reproductive habits of the giant panda."
- Educational Media Reviews Online

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This video is one of the four part series On The Brink: Preserving Endangered Species.

There’s currently an estimated one thousand giant pandas left in China, and unless crucial steps are taken, the iconic bears could soon be wiped out forever. At China’s Wolong Nature Reserve in the mountains in Sichuan Province, forty giant pandas and a dedicated team of staff play a crucial role in ensuring the survival of the species.

As part of the Reserve’s panda breeding program, a revolutionary new method of rearing twin cubs called ‘swap-raising’ has been developed. Each cub is raised by both its natural mother and one of the Reserve’s veterinarians, Wei Rongping, to increase the chances of both cubs surviving.

Panda Nursery witnesses this special partnership between Rongping and an eleven-year-old female panda called Ershihao, who, three months after being artificially inseminated, gives birth to two tiny furless cubs. The program follows the first six months of the lives of the twin cubs as they are swapped between Ershihao and their surrogate ‘mum’, Rongping.

Panda Nursery follows the highs and lows of Lin He’s and Lin Hai’s eventful first six months and explores the challenges facing giant pandas in the wild. In three years it could be these two cuddly cubs’ turn to produce young of their own as Wolong Nature Reserve’s breeding program attempts to haul the giant bears back from the brink of extinction.