PetroApocalypse Now?
PetroApocalypse Now?
PetroApocalypse Now?
Item#: PET-980-D
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Running Time: 48 minutes
Gr. 9-Adult


"This film will be a valuable addition to media collections and will be welcomed in a variety of classroom settings. The producers of this nicely-paced program have done extensive research. There are interviews with a wide range of experts... both from the business and academic sectors. Crisp, clear graphics and an assortment of vintage film and still imagery illustrate the message."
- School Library Journal

“Superbly crafted…This film is highly recommended to anyone interested in petroleum production and consumption.”
- Educational Media Reviews Online

"Recommended. A provocative offering that raises troubling issues in desperate need of honest treatment."
- Video Librarian

“Eye-opening…The film is professionally produced, with a feel like one of PBS's "Frontline" documentaries.”
- The Energy Bulletin

“Balanced and very informative. It’s quite remarkable!”
- Dr Robert Hirsch, US Energy Department consultant

“Great, poignant documentary.”
- Michael Maser, Blue Energy International



Broadcasts: PBS, CBC, SVT(Sweden), Al Jazeera (Middle East), Ushuaia TV (France), One World Festival


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Is the oil beginning to run out? Shot over four years in 13 countries this film uncovers the myths surrounding the future of world oil supplies. The producers lift the lid on the ‘Peak Oil’ theory – whether oil production is about to fall. They travel to the Middle East to find out how much oil is actually there, exposing evidence that the oil producers may be exaggerating by up to 50%. We meet the men who believe that oil prices are about to bankrupt all of us and their evidence is terrifying: there’s barely any oil left to find. We look back to the 70’s, when we were first warned about this problem and we examine what can be done to prevent a global economic catastrophe. Can we escape our addiction to oil? Are we just going to deny the problem until it kills us?

But is it really that bad? We meet the powerful men who tell us there is no problem because technology can save us. Travelling from the North Sea to Pennsylvania to Brazil we examine these optimistic views. Are they valid or just wishful thinking? Why isn’t this issue talked about more and why aren’t we doing anything about it? What about the electric car or other forms of fuel? We examine the alternatives and whether we have a way out of the mess we are in. PetroApocalypse Now? is a clarion call to address our dependency on petroleum before we are left with an energy emergency of catastrophic proportions.