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Population Series
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This 3-part series introduces the issue of over-population, examines long term challenges and solutions, and provides a striking depiction of population growth over the past 2000 years. It includes the following films:

World Population, 7 min.
The world's population has increased fourfold since 1900. If current growth rates continue, it will double again before the year 2030. Yet, the earth's resources are finite and we are already testing its limits. World Population is an excellent discussion starter on the population issue. This program is a striking depiction of actual population growth from 1 A.D. to the present and of projected future growth to the year 2020. As the years roll by on a digital clock, dots appear on a world map representing millions of people added to the population. References to historic events also appear, helping place population changes in context. The visual presentation makes statistical information exciting and easily understood.

World War III, 50 min.
This powerful video is a comprehensive look at the warlike global impact of the human population explosion. Based on the book of the same name, World War III documents how the relentless increase of human births is at the heart of our global environmental problems and increased human suffering. The program travels to four countries - Kenya, India, China, and the United States - to examine the economic and social causes of population growth. The video analyzes some of the efforts to control population, along with the political and cultural obstacles these solutions face, even in the United States.

Jam Packed, 28 min.
This film looks at the world's burgeoning human population crisis from the young adult point of view. Host Alexandra Paul, star of Baywatch, introduces us to experts and teenage mothers, problems and solutions. The impact of human numbers on our planet is explained using richly textured images from all over the world. Myths about population are addressed. Spotlighting consumption as a population issue, this program demonstrates how individuals affect the planet through their buying habits and use of resources. This is a positive and life-affirming film. Using a non-controversial and non-confrontational approach, Jam Packed provides a powerful window on the problem of Earth's rapidly expanding population and offers positive steps every person can take to be a part of the solution.