Power Shift: Energy + Sustainability
Power Shift: Energy + Sustainability
Power Shift: Energy + Sustainability
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Running Time: 26 minutes
G 7-Adult
Produced by WorldLink


"Recommended. Power Shift packs a lot of information into its globetrotting format .... Younger audiences will receive a solid introduction to energy education, while savvy adults will hopefully soak up the important message that our current energy infrastructure is, to pardon the pun, running on empty."
- Video Librarian

"Inspiring . . .this program provides a vital message about why new technology merits our attention and commitment."
- School Libary Journal

"Wow! This film is quite simply the most powerful educational piece I've ever seen on renewable energy. Hands down."
- Greg Watson, Vice President, Sustainable Development & Renewable Energy, Massachusetts Technology Collaborative

"Great! Power Shift provides a critical resource for students, teachers, parents, and anyone else interested in learning about clean energy solutions. It takes us on a journey around the globe to villages electrified by the sun, buses powered by fuel cells, and homes connected to large wind farms. This program could not be more timely as we shift from a fossil-fuel past to a clean-energy future."
- Ron Pernick, Co-Founder, Clean Edge

"Makes a compelling case for why industrial societies and developing nations should accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Cameron Diaz is excellent as the host and narrator. Very current."
- Eric Havel, Director of Education, Chabot Space & Science Center


- CINE Golden Eagle
- Two Gold Medals, Omni Awards


- Aired nationally on PBS


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K-12 Schools, Public Libraries, & Non-Profits: $44.95
Colleges, Institutions, & Businesses: $89.95
Colleges, Institutions, & Businesses (with DSL): $389.95

Hosted and narrated by Cameron Diaz

This lively four-part program circles the globe, exploring the remarkable ways that energy touches our daily lives.

Cleverly weaving together the lives of astronauts in the Space Station, villagers in the Amazon, and an actress in Hollywood, the film examines vital energy issues and suggests ways that students can help contribute to a sustainable energy future.

In Connections, viewers discover howenergy links us as a global community. Cradle to Cradle profiles architect William McDonough, a Time magazine "Hero of the Planet," and his innovative green building designs. Energy Path answers the question, “When I turn on the light in my room, where does the electricity come from and how does it reach me?” Be the Difference encourages personal action steps such as requesting renewable energy from utilities, driving hybrid cars, and buying energy-efficient appliances.

Power Shift serves as a terrific thought-starter and discussion tool for sparking a conversation around energy, sustainability and practical ways we can each make a difference.

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