Arctic Meltdown, Rising Seas: Threatened Land, Threatened People
Arctic Meltdown, Rising Seas
Arctic Meltdown, Rising Seas
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Running Time: 32 minutes
G 6-Adult
Martin Atkin, Lucy Clayton


"Highly recommended! This excellent documentary vividly shows the viewer some of the significant impacts of global warming. Two different cultures a half a world away from each other are feeling the effects of climate change. While those in the Arctic lose an ice pack that supports the wildlife they depend upon for food, people in the South Pacific must deal with a rising sea level brought on by the melting ice. Both are forced to adapt to the consequences of a practice over which they have no control: the burning of fossil fuels."
- Educational Media Reviews Online




This is an excellent video to introduce the effects of global warming.

The Marshall Islands, with an average elevation of six feet above sea level, are among the most sensitive environments to long term climate change. Rising seas may force the people of these islands to flee.

Halfway around the world, another culture in a vastly different environment is also confronting the life-altering realities of a warming world - the Arctic. Part of these ice-bound lands will soon be submerged. Today, thawing glaciers, changing wildlife populations and thinning ice over once stable lands are rapidly destabilizing traditional ways of northern native life.

This film gives the viewer a first hand look at the human implications of global warming and helps us identify with populations who face the threat of becoming environmental refugees. We also hear the inspiring voices of those who are working constantly to minimize the impact of global warming, examine its causes, and encourage change.