Recycle More
Recycle More
Item#: REC-807-D
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Running Time: 12 minutes
All Ages
Steve Devine


"A discussion starter and a call to action, Recycle More is both thorough and informative. We hear the honest and practical voices of teens who are making a big difference. This is peer to peer education at its finest."
- Heather Abrams, Manager, Integrated Waste Services, City of El Cerrito, California

"Very Highly Recommened. Highly useful for facilitating classroom discussion. Gives us hope for the future."
- Educational Media Reviews Online

"This film has a clearly presented message that needs to be heard by all ans is short enough to hold the MTV generation's attention."
- School Library Journal

"Interesting and relevant to High School students, Recycle More can be used to educate students about the environment and how recycling makes a positive difference."
- Tamar Hurwitz, Environmental Education Manager, San Francisco Department of the Environment




The average county in America produces enough waste in a single day to cover a football field with two feet of compressed trash. We all know that recycling is good for the planet, but do we actually know about the real impact of the waste we create every day?

Join football player Mike and cheerleader Elisa for a typical day at school. Learn what these high school students really think about recycling and see how students are making a real difference on their campus as well as at home. Elisa and Mike will give you a first hand look behind the scenes as you follow them on a trip to their local landfill to see the effects of mass consumption and waste production.

See exactly what happens to your recycled goods as you trace a bottle from a school recycling bin through the step-by-step process that transforms it into plastic lumber, carpet, or even filler for a sleeping bag! This video closely illustrates the process of recycling, and inspires viewers by showing real students learning about the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.