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Renewable Energy Solutions Series
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The Renewable Energy Solutions Series features four films that celebrate the onset of our sustainable future and examine how hydrogen power, wind power, solar power, and techniques for green building are benefitting us now, and how this benefit promises to grow in the future.

Velocity: Exploring Sustainability through Wind Power, Green Building & Hydrogen, 32 min.
Velocity travels from the U.S. to Europe exploring clean energy production and the increasing economic advantages of wind power. Illustrating how sustainable economic development must include the protection of our fragile natural and human resources, this film shows us how wind energy has not only reduced the impact of pollution from burning fossil fuels, but has also created billions of dollars in economic development across the Northern Hemisphere.

Hydrogen: The Safe & Clean Fuel, 27 min.
This film not only presents the promise of a future featuring hydrogen as a mainstream energy source, it also shows us just how far we've already come in our movement towards a viable and sustainable hydrogen based economic infrastrucure.

Power Shift: Energy + Sustainability, 26 min.
Cleverly weaving together the lives of astronauts in the Space Station, villagers in the Amazon, and an actress in Hollywood, the film examines vital energy issues and suggests ways that students can create a sustainable future.

Renewable Power: The Earth's Clean Energy Destiny, 28 min.
Renewable Power offers an exciting vision of a world transformed by clean energy.