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Running Time: 86 minutes
Grades 9 - Adult
A Film by Rob Stuart • Executive Producer Gus Van Sant
Scene Selection • Closed Captioned


"The remorseless march of extinction - including our own - is captured with chilling clarity in Revolution. His bottom line could not be clearer: When the oceans die, so do we.”
– New York Times

“A profoundly disturbing work. It should be essential viewing, particularly in high schools and universities, whence the next generation of policy makers will one day emerge, hopefully more enlightened than we have been.”
– The Globe and Mail

“An impassioned, angry yet hopeful call to arms against the destruction of our planet’s precious marine life. Revolution is above all infused with a sense of wonder and hope.”
- Toronto International Film Festival

"What his camera captures is alternately beautiful (various forms of sea life; lemurs skipping across a field) and frightening (experts who detail just how fragile our collective ecosystems have been made; the rigidness of governments and corporations in pursuit of profits).
– Village Voice


• Best Documentary, Atlantic Film Festival
• Audience Favorite Award, Victoria Film Festival
• Most Popular Environmental Film, Vancouver International Film Festival
• Best of Festival Award, Guam Festival
• Best Documentary, runner-up, Toronto International Film Festival
• Filmmaker of the Year, Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
• Best Documentary, Evolution! Mallorca International Film Festival
• The Sustainability Impact Award, Our Sustainable World Film Festival
• International Eco-Hero Award, Planet in Focus




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In this multi-award-winning film, Rob Stewart embarks on a global journey to uncover the grave dangers threatening the world’s oceans -- and ultimately, humanity -- as well as to learn what it will take to reverse the challenges to life on earth.

From the coral reefs in Papua New Guinea to the rainforests of Madagascar, Stewart’s travels reveal that our fate is tied to even the smallest of creatures. Stunning scenes of underwater sea life bring viewers face to face with sharks and lemurs, into the microscopic world of the pygmy seahorse, and on the hunt with the deadly flamboyant cuttlefish.

The footage also dramatically reveals evidence of ocean acidification caused by our passion for fossil fuels, resulting in empty stretches of expired coral reefs. In every previous mass extinction, coral reefs were the first eco-systems to be wiped out

One powerful segment summarizes the evolution of life on earth, putting into stark perspective the challenges human activity has created.

Along the way, Stewart visits with experts to learn more about the threats to the planet, and attends a failed international conference, where he criticizes government leaders for offering token, ineffective nods to environmental sustainability.

In the end, Stewart finds hope and inspiration when he encounters the new face of the environmental movement — young people worldwide who are leading a global revolution to challenge leaders to take effective action to stem climate change and the dangers facing the planet.