4 Video Series
Human Rights in the World Today Series
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G 9-Adult
Rory O'Connor 1994





This magazine-style program has been combined especially for classroom and group use, making it a unique and valuable resource for educators and activists. Hosted by Charlayne Hunter-Gault of The News Hour with Jim Lehrer.

Volume 1
The Power of Human Rights, 32 min.
- The Power of Human Rights is a good introduction to human rights issues and the causes of conflict worldwide.
- Voices of Human Rights - Traces the evolution of modern human rights from World War II, featuring many of the people on the frontlines worldwide.
- Peace Watch - International mediator Adam Curle shares his insights on the roots of violence conflict and why peace is key to human rights.
- Human Rights High School - At the El Puente Academy in Brooklyn, 60 9th-grade students attend the only "human rights school" in the world today.

Volume 2
U.S. & Canada
Human rights abuses aren't just happening in other countries. Amnesty International has reported nine areas of violation in North America. This video looks at several concerns:
- Civil Rights -Excerpts from "Freedom on My Mind" focus on a critical civil rights struggle of the 60's, with relevance for today.
- James Bay -The Cree and Inuit people of Canada are struggling to protect their tribal lands from a state owned hydroelectric project in Quebec.
- School of the Americas - A taxpayer-funded military school in Georgia is training known human rights abusers, including dictators and drug runners.
- Native Hawaiians - Victims of history, Native Hawaiians are fighting for the right to live on their native lands.

Volume 3
Women Under Attack, 32 min.
This program looks at two of the most terrifying human rights issues facing women in several countries, as well as the growth in empowerment organizations for women.
- Rape and War Investigates how rape is systematically used as a weapon of war in Iraq, Bosnia, Somalia, and Kashmir.
- World Women's Movement - Charlotte Bunch, Director of Rutger's Global Leadership Institute for women, describes the emerging global women's movement.
- Female Mutilation - Millions of women in Asia and Africa are forced to undergo mutilation of their genitals for cultural and religious reasons. This segment examines this practice and features Pulitzer Prize winning author Alice Walker, who presents excerpts from her novel and film on the subject.

Volume 4
Around the World, 30 min.
This program features several of the major human rights hot spots around the world, as well as the ongoing debate over how to support human rights most effectively. These segments can be used separately or together.
- China and Free Trade - A look at the debate over how to impact China's poor record on human rights, and why free trade has gained the upper hand.
- Sarajevo Under Seige - An intimate look st the tragedy of one neighborhood, with commentary by New York Times reporter John Burns.
Somalia and Intervention - How effective was the UN intervention in Somalia and is it a model for future relief effort?