Secrets of Science: Life Science Set
Secrets of Science: Life Science Set
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G 8-Adult
Sandra Carter





This title is currently offered on VHS, but can be converted to DVD upon request.

All videos have a running time of 47 minutes.

Video 1: From the Beginning
- How Life Began. The likely origins of the first living things.
- The Evolution of Man. How early man evolved from other mammals.
- The Origin of Species. The theories of evolution from Lamarck to Darwin.
- A Human Being is Born. The miraculous 9 month journey to the birth of a human child.

Video 2: Life's Building Blocks
- Blood and Our Bodies. A look at this most basic life-giving substance.
- DNA and Diversity. The microscopic miracle of DNA explained.
- The Complex Cell. How cells function and form living organisms.
- Understanding Viruses. How viruses work and prey on other organisms.

Video 3: Brain Power
- The Sense of Sight. How animals and insects use their eyes to see.
- The Human Brain. How our brain functions and controls behavior.
- Civilization's Progress. The major landmarks in human progress.
- The Written Word. The evolution of our ability to record knowledge and history.

Video 4: The Life All Around Us
- The Animal Kingdom. The many types of animals - from protozoa to mammals.
- The World of Insects. The vast variety of insects that inhabit the earth.
- The Busy Bees. Understanding the behavior and importance of bees.
- A Planet of Plants. A look at the great diversity of plant life.