Secrets of Science Series: Volumes 5-9
Secrets of Science: Earth and Space
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Running Time: 47 minutes
G 8-Adult
Sandra Carter





This title is currently offered on VHS, but can be converted to DVD upon request.

All videos have a running time of 47 minutes.

Video 5: Planet Earth, Our Home
- There's No Place Like Home. An overview of our planet's unique physical and chemical characteristics.
- Polluting our Atmosphere. The causes of air pollution, global warming and ozone destruction.
- Wasting our Planet. How our waste products contaminate the earth.
- When the Ground Quakes. What causes earthquakes and how they shape our planet.

Video 6: Earth's Extremes
- When Lava Flows. The different types of volcanoes and how they work.
- Glaciers: The Cold Facts. How glaciers have carved our planet.
- The Antarctic: A Frozen World. An exploration of this little known part of our planet.
- The Torrid Tropics. A look at the warmest spots on earth, from rainforests to deserts.

Video 7: Our Sea and Sky
- An Ocean Overview. A look at the primary characteristics of the world's oceans.
- Life Beneath the Waves. The many forms of life that inhabit our seas.
- Creating our Climate. How weather -- from rain to hurricanes -- is created in our atmosphere.
- Comets: Spectacles in the Sky. A look at what we know about comets.

Video 8: Into Outer Space
- Space Travel. The history of space travel and how rockets work.
- Landing on the Moon. A closer look at the first manned trip to the moon.
- Exploratory Space Probes. How unmanned space probes help us see our universe.
- Star Bright. Understanding the nature of stars.

Video 9: Our Sun and Solar System
- The Four Fundamental Forces. The forces which govern our universe - from gravity to electromagnetism.
- Our Solar System. An exploration of our solar system and its planets.
- The Sun: Source of Life. How the sun works and its importance to us.
- What is Light? A look at the nature of light.

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