Secrets of Science Series: Vol 10-13
Secrets of Science: Physical Science Series
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Sandra Carter





This title is currently offered on VHS, but can be converted to DVD upon request.

All videos have a running time of 47 minutes.

Video 10: They Mysteries of Motion and Power
- Considering Kinematics. Understanding the science of motion.
- Newton's Laws. The three laws which govern the motion of all bodies.
- Electricity: A Current Affair. What is electricity and how is it produced.
- The Physics of Force. A look at the forces which create movement.

Video 11: Exploring Energy
- Elementary Energy. An overview of the many forms of energy.
- Nuclear Energy. A closer look at the process that creates nuclear energy.
- The Combustion Engine. The history of combustion engines and how they work.
- Power from Petroleum. How energy is derived from petroleum.

Video 12: Of Wheels and Wings
- Rolling on Land. The evolution of land transportation.
- Sailing on Water. The evolution of transportation on water.
- Flying through the Air. A brief history of air transportation.
- The Magic of Flight. How airplanes fly.

Video 13: Through the Looking Glass
- About Telescopes. The evolution of telescopes and how they work.
- Focus on Photography. How photography captures images on film.
- Looking into Deep Space. How telescopes and cameras together see far into space.
- On Television. How television works and affects our lives.
- Surrounded by Satellites. The many tasks performed by satellites.