Secrets of Science 13 Video Series
Secrets of Science Full Set
Secrets of Science Full Set
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Running Time: 350 minutes
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A 13-Video Encyclopedia of Science.

Travel from the outer edges of our solar system to the darkest depths of our planet's oceans. Watch as the earth is born and life begins. Discover Magazine's Secrets of Science Series is a fascinating and informative way to unlock the mysteries of the world around us. The series provides a clear, concise introduction to more than 50 key science subjects. Secrets of Science makes learning about science and the natural world easy and fun.

Each program is filled with information and illustrated with great visuals and computer graphics.

Beautifully packaged, this wonderful resource contains over 10 hours of programming on 13 videos.

Video 1
From the Beginning
, 47 min.
- How Life Began. The likely origins of the first living things.
- The Evolution of Man. How early man evolved from other mammals.
- The Origin of Species. The theories of evolution from Lamarck to Darwin.
- A Human Being is Born. The miraculous 9 month journey to the birth of a human child.

Video 2
Life's Building Blocks
, 47 min.
- Blood and Our Bodies. A look at this most basic life-giving substance.
- DNA and Diversity. The microscopic miracle of DNA explained.
- The Complex Cell. How cells function and form living organisms.
- Understanding Viruses. How viruses work and prey on other organisms.

Video 3
Brain Power
, 47 min.
- The Sense of Sight. How animals and insects use their eyes to see.
- The Human Brain. How our brain functions and controls behavior.
- Civilization's Progress. The major landmarks in human progress.
- The Written Word. The evolution of our ability to record knowledge and history.

Video 4
The Life All Around Us
, 47 min.
- The Animal Kingdom. The many types of animals - from protozoa to mammals.
- The World of Insects. The vast variety of insects that inhabit the earth.
- The Busy Bees. Understanding the behavior and importance of bees.
- A Planet of Plants. A look at the great diversity of plant life.

Video 5
Planet Earth, Our Home

- There's No Place Like Home. An overview of our planet's unique physical and chemical characteristics.
- Polluting our Atmosphere. The causes of air pollution, global warming and ozone destruction.
- Wasting our Planet. How our waste products contaminate the earth.
- When the Ground Quakes. What causes earthquakes and how they shape our planet.

Video 6
Earth's Extremes
, 47 min.
- When Lava Flows. The different types of volcanoes and how they work.
- Glaciers: The Cold Facts. How glaciers have carved our planet.
- The Antarctic: A Frozen World. An exploration of this little known part of our planet.
- The Torrid Tropics. A look at the warmest spots on earth, from rainforests to deserts.

Video 7
Our Sea and Sky
, 47 min.
- An Ocean Overview. A look at the primary characteristics of the world's oceans.
- Life Beneath the Waves. The many forms of life that inhabit our seas.
- Creating our Climate. How weather -- from rain to hurricanes -- is created in our atmosphere.
- Comets: Spectacles in the Sky. A look at what we know about comets.

Video 8
Into Outer Space
, 47 min.
- Space Travel. The history of space travel and how rockets work.
- Landing on the Moon. A closer look at the first manned trip to the moon.
- Exploratory Space Probes. How unmanned space probes help us see our universe.
- Star Bright. Understanding the nature of stars.

Video 9
Our Sun and Solar System
, 47 min.
- The Four Fundamental Forces. The forces which govern our universe - from gravity to electromagnetism.
- Our Solar System. An exploration of our solar system and its planets.
- The Sun: Source of Life. How the sun works and its importance to us.
- What is Light? A look at the nature of light.

Video 10
They Mysteries of Motion and Power
, 47 min.
- Considering Kinematics. Understanding the science of motion.
- Newton's Laws. The three laws which govern the motion of all bodies.
- Electricity: A Current Affair. What is electricity and how is it produced.
- The Physics of Force. A look at the forces which create movement.

Video 11
Exploring Energy
, 47 min.
- Elementary Energy. An overview of the many forms of energy.
- Nuclear Energy. A closer look at the process that creates nuclear energy.
- The Combustion Engine. The history of combustion engines and how they work.
- Power from Petroleum. How energy is derived from petroleum.

Video 12
Of Wheels and Wings
, 47 min.
- Rolling on Land. The evolution of land transportation.
- Sailing on Water. The evolution of transportation on water.
- Flying through the Air. A brief history of air transportation.
- The Magic of Flight. How airplanes fly.

Video 13
Through the Looking Glass
, 47 min.
- About Telescopes. The evolution of telescopes and how they work.
- Focus on Photography. How photography captures images on film.
- Looking into Deep Space. How telescopes and cameras together see far into space.
- On Television. How television works and affects our lives.
- Surrounded by Satellites. The many tasks performed by satellites.