Shark Loves the Amazon
Shark Loves the Amazon
Shark Loves the Amazon
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Running Time: 60 minutes
Grades 9 – Adult
Scene Selection • Closed Captioned
With Portuguese and Spanish subtitles
A Film by Mark London, Cidney Hue and Adrian Vasquez de Velasco


"Recommended. Shark Loves the Amazon does an excellent job of highlighting how complex the issue of deforestation is."
- Science Books and Films

"Mark London, with a lifetime of experience in the Amazon region, offers plans and examples for sustainable development and habitation in the area without destroying the rainforest. London contends that rather than trying to ban people from a large chunk of the world, we should promote the sustainable use of the land, working with the forest rather than against it."
- Anthropology Review Database

“Focuses on the history of occupation of the Amazon when the country was under a military regime, and the challenges and opportunities to build a sustainable model that preserves the world’s last major rainforest and supports the livelihood of the inhabitants of the Brazilian Amazon. It offers a powerful example of the synergy between sustainability and conservation.”
-Brazil Institute, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

“Sets out to put a ‘human face’ on the issue of deforestation, suggesting there is a deeper moral conundrum than just saving flora and fauna. Instead, the world should consider the well-being of the people living in the Amazon rainforest….”
–Jessica Perry, Hola Cultura




Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital
World Sustainability Forum, Brazil

Brazil Institute, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars 7th Annual University of Central Florida, Community Summit on the Environment and Global Climate Change
Universidade do Estado do Amazonas,Manaus, Brasil
Georgetown University, Washington DC
Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois
Pitzer College, Claremont, CA
Rhodes College, Memphis, TN
Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA
New York University, New York, NY
The Maret School, Washington DC
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Shark Loves the Amazon offers a fresh perspective on what it will take to protect the Amazon rainforest and support the millions of people who now live there.

Many still think of the Amazon as a land populated primarily by indigenous people surrounded by exotic flora and fauna, all threatened by mining and farming. But that’s no longer a fully accurate picture, since more than twenty million Brazilians migrated to the region over the last few decades and are themselves struggling to survive and prosper.

Author and attorney Mark London, offers an updated analysis and approach in this documentary, based on his book The Last Forest: The Amazon in the Age of Globalization (Random House), written with journalist Brian Kelly. London developed a lifelong passion for the Amazon during his first visit 30 years ago, and has traveled extensively in the region in recent years. The film depicts the hard, contemporary realities of a region seeking a sustainable model of development that can provide both for its millions of inhabitants and preserve the Earth’s last great forest, with its unparalleled biodiversity and global importance.

As levels of deforestation rapidly approach the point of no return, London poses a provocative alternative to the simple mantra, “leave the forest untouched.” One promising model the film profiles is the Juma Sustainable Development Reserve, which incentivizes people who live in the region to protect the forests.

Shark Loves the Amazon begins with substantial historical context, tracing in detail the forces that transformed the Amazon since the 1960’s, when it was a largely unexplored and untouched region, unlike today.

TITLE NOTE: “Shark” refers to the fact Mark London is a lawyer.


-Thomas Lovejoy, Biodiversity Chair, Heinz Center for Science, Economics and the Environment
-Dr. Philip Fearnside, National Institute for Research of the Amazon
-Charles Mann, Author, 1491 and 1493
-Eduardo Braga, Senator & Former Governor of the State of Amazonas, Brazil
-Virgilio Viana, CEO, Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS)
-Raquel Lunas, Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS)

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