So Right So Smart
So Right So Smart
So Right So Smart
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Running Time: 86 minutes
+ 56 Minutes on one disc
Gr. 9-Adult
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A Film by MagicGreen Productions



"A powerful message of profound business opportunity. The perfect tool for any company seeking to make systemic breakthroughs in their business model."
- Amit Jain, MBA - LEED AP Management Consultant

"Extremely engaging and conveys clear benefits for businesses going green. Offers many useful ideas to individuals at all levels of business."
- David Feldman, Executive Director, Bethesda Green

"A visionary film that proves sustainability is good for the earth and good for your business."
- Joanne Bohigian, President/CEO, Foster City Chamber of Commerce

"So Right So Smart... succeeds big time. The documentary showcases some of the country's household business names that have turned the green corner and profited. The film discusses the issues, doubts, and challenges that await any management contemplating going the green way. A must watch for all...."
- Green Business Bureau

"Recommended. An excellent feature-length documentary profiling the leaders of the movement integrating environmental sustainability in business practices. Ray Anderson has an amazing screen presence and his story is expertly told. The fact that so many innovations in business and industry are caused by integrating environmental sustainability is making it a popular subject in business, management, and leadership programs around the world."
- Educational Media Reviews Online

"Recommended. A surprisingly captivating narrative.... So Right So Smart is part of the second wave of environmentalist documentaries which tend to offer solutions and olive branches instead of scoldings and doom-saying."
- Video Librarian

"Excellent and well-pitched to a number of levels of students - some of whom may well prove to be the Ray Andersons of the future."
-Prof. Eric W. Orts, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

"I used the film as an introduction to my MBA and undergraduate classes in sustainability. The film does a good job of introducing key concepts about life cycles, organizational culture change and leadership for sustainability. My students found it interesting without being too preachy or one-sided."
-Dr. Stephanie Bertels, Beedles School of Business, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver

"Tells the story of how Ray Anderson engaged a 'dream team' of environmentalists and battled resistance from within and without his company to completely revamp his corporation's culture, while making it more competitive and profitable. With inspiring stories and interviews with leading environmentalists, this film would be excellent for high school business or environmental studies classes."
- Green Teacher Magazine

"So Right So Smart quickly and compellingly makes the case for why doing business sustainably is not only needed, but can be exceptionally profitable, even in, or perhaps especially during challenging economic times. And they do it without coming across as unrealistic or ungrounded in reality. On the contrary, they show it all, including the doubts, the issues, the challenges to it."
-Paul Smith, Sustainability Consultant

"So Right So Smart should be required viewing for every executive and every employee in every corporation with more than 50 people. It's great to have environmental films that are positive with practical traction, but to have films be about positive, practical, and proven examples in the world of big business is vital."



Winner, Best of Festival, Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival

Winner, Best Feature, Reel Earth Festival, New Zealand

Official Selection, Washington DC Environmental Film Festival

Official Selection, American Showcase, Atlanta Film Festival

Official Selection, Savannah Film Festival



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Narrated by Daryl Hannah

So Right So Smart profiles companies on the cutting edge of more sustainable business practices who are proving that being environmentally friendly is both good for the earth and good for business. Their inspiring stories of leadership and innovative change provide hopeful models for the larger business community and other institutions.

The primary focus of the film is a behind-the-scenes look at the transformation of Interface Inc., a global carpet manufacturer led by Ray Anderson, one of the early pioneers of green business practices. In 1994, Anderson read Paul Hawken's The Ecology of Commerce and had an epiphany: the planet was in crisis and his business was contributing to the problem.

Anderson spearheaded an often-challenging effort to transform Interface to a "restorative enterprise". Working with heart and commitment, Interface surrounded itself with some of the top experts in sustainability to educate and hold the company accountable.

The film also includes shorter profiles of several companies who started out with a commitment to green business practices: Stonyfield Farm, Patagonia, Herman Miller, Seventh Generation and New Belgium Brewery.

Prominent environmental authors and business experts share their experiences and insights, including Paul Hawken, John Picard, David Suzuki, Janine Benyus, Mona Amodeo, Jonathan Lash, and Hunter and Amory Lovins.

Top executives featured in the film along with Ray Anderson include Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia, Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield Farm, Doug McMillon of WalMart, Dan Hendrix of Interface and Paul Murray of Herman Miller.


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