Sound of the Violin in My Lai
Sound of the Violin in My Lai
Sound of the Violin in My Lai
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Running Time: 30 minutes
G 9-Adult
Roy (Mike) Boehm, Tran Van Thuy


"This [film] is not to reopen wounds but to reopen minds. This film will serve the cause of mankind for many generations." U.S. Ambassador to Viet Nam ‘Pete’ Peterson


- Best Short Film, Asia Pacific Film Festival, "the oldest in the world."



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A short, compelling film that examines the history and legacy of the My Lai massacre, an incident of the Vietnam War in which hundreds of Vietnamese civilians were massacred by U.S. Army soldiers. The film investigates the effects of the massacre, centering on the return of American soldiers Hugh Thompson and Larry Colburn to My Lai on the 30th anniversary of the event.

Roy M. (Mike) Boehm is Chair of the My Lai Peace Park project in Vietnam. The sound of Mike's violin as he played it at the Park's dedication expresses his anguish and sorrow, and his inspiration of Vietnamese forgiveness and understanding. As a former American soldier in Vietnam, at eighteen he found horror, misery, and death.

This is the true story of the massacre at My Lai, the rescue of some Vietnamese by American helicopter pilots, and the reunion of former enemies thirty years later.

As one Vietnamese man said after seeing the film, "This is a film that both Vietnamese and Americans can watch with emotion, but without being divided, and therefore a film that can unite us in looking forward to a future where such things are never repeated."