Sound of the Soul
Sound of the Soul
Sound of the Soul
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Running Time: 70 minutes
Gr. 7-Adult
Stephen Olsson, CEM Productions
Comprehensive DVD-ROM Toolkit


"A heartwarming tribute to religious diversity and tolerance. It is satisfying to know that there are places where religious diversity is still accepted and appreciated."
- Anthropology Review Database

“The intersection between spirituality and world music is pinpointed in Sound of the Soul, a handsome documentary about the Fez Festival in Morocco. The event offers attendees a platform where they can tie together music and faith as a universal bond... The main attraction is the lineup of frequently astonishing acts glimpsed and (more importantly) heard. Intensely rhythmic and ecstatic... Wide-format DV lensing and sound recording are first-rate.”
-Dennis Harvey, VARIETY

“A moving testament to the healing power of music, Sound of the Soul offers a microcosmic vision of what a culture of tolerance can achieve and gives hope that such an approach might spread to the world outside Fez.”
- Kellen Quinn, Tribeca Film Festival

“There’s a moment in Sound of the Soul when you stop looking at the subtitles. No matter your religion or lack thereof, it’s no longer about the words or deities or beliefs, but rather the transcendent power of music.
- The Boston Globe




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In a world increasingly polarized by religious conflicts and violence, SOUND OF THE SOUL is a timely and profound journey of understanding and hope.

The film presents a vivid portrait of Fez, Morocco, an historically open-minded and tolerant Arab city, with its annual Fez Festival of World Music. This unusual event invites Muslim, Christian and Jewish men and women from around the world to share their varied spiritual traditions through musical performances at the city's historic sites.

SOUND OF THE SOUL captures the multi¬faceted nature of this extraordinary celebration by deftly weaving together vibrant concert footage with insightful commentary from musicians and an international symposium of philosophers, scientists and spiritual leaders.

An ideal tool for any classroom or study group looking to further explore the issues of globalization, comparative cultures or religious tolerance. Also a valuable addition to any library, this comprehensive product can also be used to supplement coursework on topics ranging from world music to sociology to African studies.


This Special Edition DVD includes additional music performances, interviews with political and spiritual leaders on globalization, and interfaith discussions from Fez and the Tribeca Film Festival. Bonus Features include an introduction to World Music, a visual tour of Fez and the Moroccan landscape, and reactions from the festival audience. ROM features include links and documents on world music, interfaith engagement, travel to Fez, and personal transformation and experience.