The Teakettle Experiment: Fire and Forest Health
The Teakettle Experiment: Fire and Forest Health
The Teakettle Experiment: Fire and Forest Health
Item#: TEA-1007
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Running Time: 27 minutes
Special Features Running Time: 64 minutes
Grades 10-College
Produced by Janice Bowen for the U.S. Forest Service


"Highly recommended. An exceptional teaching tool. The topic is so well explained, so well photographed, and so well edited, that forest ecology becomes a fascinating subject for all viewers. Teaching resources are exceptional. Pop-up subtitles within the feature and special features reference topics and sections in the interactive resource guide. The Teakettle Experiment website provides up-to-date information on publications and presentations of the research. Teacher resources include lesson plans, study guides and suggestions for adapting one’s teaching of the videos to non-Sierra Nevada ecosystems."
-Educational Media Reviews Online

"The Teakettle Experiment: Fire and Forest Health is an excellent introduction into the world of silviculture (forest management). Probably the most useful part is the enormous number of resources available on the disc, including downloadable publications, scientific articles, and web sites. Particularly useful to instructors are listings of research questions and experiments that students can investigate. It is appropriate for high school and college-age students."
-The American Biology Teacher




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Featuring both a documentary film and other educational resources, this interactive DVD provides a comprehensive introduction to forest management, scientific inquiry, ecosystem functions, species interdependence and more.

The film documents the Teakettle Experiment, a ten-year collaboration of forest managers and scientists from diverse disciplines that investigated the effects of prescribed fire and forest thinning on restoring forest health.

A century of fire suppression has significantly changed many western forests, leaving them overcrowded and susceptible to disease, pests, and catastrophic crown fires that endanger lives and property.

Experts agree that reducing fuel loads in our forests lessen the chances of forest devastation. But until the Teakettle Experiment, deciding which method for doing so remained controversial.

With a multi-disciplinary team to study the relative effects of prescribed fire and thinning, the Teakettle Experiment collected invaluable information on the benefits and detriments of each option. The result is documented in this DVD, which also contains multiple videos, resources, reference materials, instructional materials, and website links.

The principal feature on the DVD is the film, “Fire and Forest Health,” which outlines the problems in our forests, and then reveals how the experiment was conducted over ten years.

In addition to the principle video, there are five short videos on related topics:

  • Small mammals and forest ecology
  • Climate change and forest management
  • Science and forest management
  • Pest, pathogens and drought
  • Forest restoration

The DVD is interactive, with on-screen messages that directly link the video content to printable research papers and weblinks related to the topic. A Resource Guide expands upon the content in the videos with information and tools for instructors.

Appropriate for AP environmental science in high school and college-level forestry and resource management courses.