The Great Squeeze: Surviving the Human Project
The Great Squeeze: Surviving the Human Project
The Great Squeeze: Surviving the Human Project
Item#: GRE-1029-D
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Running Time: 68 minutes
Gr 9 - Adult
Closed Captioned
Special Features and Lesson Plans (see below)
Chaptered DVD
A film by Christophe Fauchere, Tiroir A Films


“Recommended. Stitching together interviews and presentations from a distinguished roster of authors, experts, scholars, and scientists, this documentary looks at a wide range of complex issues, including climate change, population growth, species extinction, polluted oceans, and diminishing natural resources. Sure to help strengthen awareness of an escalating situation.”
- Video Librarian Magazine

"Highly recommended. The value and candor of this documentary cannot be understated. With a calm, credible delivery, this film challenges the world to use resources only at the rate at which those resources can be replenished."
- Educational Media Reviews Online
Michael J. Coffta, Business Librarian, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

"This rather alarming video features anthropologists and other scholars explaining the state of global climate and resources and predicting major changes to human social organization as the era of cheap abundant fuel comes inevitably to an end. The debate, if we can call it that, over climate change and global resource depletion will continue, but after watching The Great Squeeze it is hard to imagine that there is much left to argue about."
- Anthropology Review Database

"The Great Squeeze is a remarkable film, visually evocative, intellectually stimulating, emotionally engaging. It brings our current crises to life at the same time highlighting a path to a better future. I highly recommend it."
- Riane Eisler - Best-selling author

“The film provides a worthwhile summary of the key challenges and the links between them.” - Carol Smith - United Nations University


-Winner, Best Feature, Colorado Environmental Film Festival
-Merit Award for Scientific Content, Montana Cine International Film Festival
-Merit Award for Educational Value, Montana Cine International Film Festival
-Winner, Best Long-Form Documentary, Festival de Cine Ecologico y de la Naturaleza de Canarias, Spain



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Life on planet Earth is at a crossroads, with multiple environmental crises bearing down upon us simultaneously: climate change, resource depletion, oil supply decline, ocean pollution, overpopulation, species extinction, and more. The Great Squeeze inventories and connects all of them, showing how short-sighted human behavior and decisions have resulted in a situation that threatens our lives and planet.

The film travels back in time to take us on a journey through history when past civilizations made the same mistakes -- growing too fast, depleting their natural resources and ultimately collapsing. The Anasazi society, the Mayan civilization and the Easter Island culture all provide graphic examples of peoples violating principles of sustainability and exceeding the carrying capacity of their environment. The veil of mystery surrounding the disappearance of these once-thriving cultures is peeled back to offer insights into our own modern social order seemingly bent on a similar path of self-destruction.

Instead of the usual band-aid approaches, The Great Squeeze challenges us to learn from history and transition towards a more sustainable economy that values our environment. By changing our levels of consumption, deploying new technologies, and reordering social priorities, we can still live well.

Renowned scientists, thinkers and authors, including Richard Heinberg, Edward O. Wilson, Lester Brown, Alexandra Cousteau, Jim White, Howard Kunstler and others, provide perspective and insights on our current state of affairs and how we can change course.

The Great Squeeze was selected for screening in Copenhagen during the UN Climate Change Conference, and at 14 film festivals around the world, where it won several awards, including Best Feature, Colorado Environmental Film Festival.


• 8 minute film “Greening in the Heartland,” that traces the rebirth and transformation of Greensburg, Kansas. On May 4th, 2007, a tornado destroyed 95% of Greensburg, Kansas. In the aftermath, conservative farmers and ranchers joined with environmentalists to rebuild Greensburg as a model green community.

• Guided worksheets (with answers) grades 8-12

• Lesson Plans:

-General Worksheet on The Great Squeeze
-Project: Starting a School Recycling Program
-Project: Improving Your School Recycling Program
-Science Fair/Project Ideas List
-Debate Topics
-Socratic Seminar With Questions
-Discussion and Essay Questions
-Website Resource List for Teachers
-EPA Lessons With Supporting Materials

• English, French, Spanish subtitles

• Extended interviews with subject experts