Think Twice
Think Twice
Think Twice
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Running Time: 7 minutes
G 7-12
Malory Graham


"Highly Recommended. A lot of good information aimed at a realistic, common sense approach to relationships, consumption, and our environment. Although short, this video is packed with enough information and ideas to spark hours of research and discussion about our propensity for 'things' and its impact on people and the environment."
- School Library Journal (Chosen as video of the month.)

"One of the ten best educational films of the year."
- Video Librarian

"Very Highly Recommended! Compelling. This video delivers a powerful message. Extremely useful in facilitating classroom discussion."
- Educational Media Reviews Online

"Think Twice weaves an authentic vision of what it's like to be a teen in today's information-rich world. With it's rapid-fire visuals and data-driven narratives woven into the daily lives of two urban teens, this short film goes where many public awareness videos have not. Teens watching this video have access to a two-way mirror - one side exposing the ramifications of various consumer choices, the other inviting honest reflection about what they're really willing to abandon."
- Nancy Leonhardt, Media Instructor. Foster High School, Seattle

"Think Twice is smart, funny, and relevant. Sound environmental research and "real-life" teens make for a compelling look at the ecological consequences of our everyday actions. The topic is serious, but the presentation is refreshingly hip".
- Eric de Place, Northwest Environment Watch

"Think Twice is a fast-paced, hard-hitting look at consumption from a teen point of view...wil leave viewers wanting more!"
- Marcia Rutan, Snohomish Co.Solid Waste Mangament Division, Washington

"Created by teens, for teens, Think Twice entertains while it educates. The video combines creative filming with slick editing to tell the story of how every day choices can cause pollution and create waste. Viewers can't help but re-think old habits and consider how to do their part to protect the environment."
- Kristin Hall, Environmental Protection Agency


"Chosen as one of best 10 films of the year."
- (ALA) Young Adult Library Services Magazine

"Video of the week" Feb 2004
- School Library Journal

Second Place, Environmental Sustainablity
- EarthVision 2004



- Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival
- East Lansing Children's Film Festival
- EarthVision 2004

Jessica likes Jeremy. He's got nice clothes and really nice shoes, and he's "almost" 6 feet tall. Jeremy Thompson is a high school senior who reflects that "lately, the American dream has changed from life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, to life, liberty and the accumulation of stuff."

Follow Jeremy and Jessica, his high school sweet-heart to be, through a typical day at school in this clever, fast-paced look at the issue of teenage consumption. Find out what today's average teenage girl spends $18,695.24 on in her lifetime: some hints, it's not food or clothes. See where the components in your TV and stereo come from and trace the environmental impact of their production. Learn about the effects of accelerated teenage consumption, and discover simple things to keep in mind every day to have a positive impact on our planet.

"Of course you need to buy things to live and enjoy life" says Jessica "but do we really need so much?" Find out why we should all Think Twice - because after all, as these flirty seniors decide, "the pursuit of happiness isn't really about the stuff we own, it's about the stuff we're made of, it's about connections to our dreams, to each other, to our world."

Created in collaboration with a high school classroom, this video uses the voices of real teens to question the motivation behind current levels of consumption in the United States, and is sure to facilitate classroom discussion about the causes and effects of this modern American issue.