Tina's Journal
Tina's Journal
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Running Time: 17 minutes
G 6-12
Becky Wike


"The best video I've seen for teenagers. Multicultural and upbeat, Tina's Journal comes from a teenager's experiential perspective."
- Susan Kattchee, Source Reduction and Recycling Program Manager, West Contra Costa County Waste Management Authority

"High school science teachers searching for a resource that models effective student involvement in problem solving and community activism need look no further than this marvelous film."
- The Science Teacher




Contemporary and upbeat, Tina's Journal is an inspiring introduction for urban and suburban teenagers to waste reduction, resource conservation and recycling, offering a variety of practical ideas and tips for individual and group action. After her class visits the local garbage dump, Tina, an energetic teenager, becomes concerned about how much our society wastes and throws away.

Through visits to a recycling center, a hazardous waste disposal facility, and local stores and businesses, she discovers how we can better conserve our natural resources and protect the environment by reducing the amount of waste we generate, recycling a wide range of items, and using recycled products. With humor and insight, Tina records what she learns in her personal journal and in a video she creates for her class. Her experiences motivate her to get involved with other students in practicing the three "R's" at her school, and to encourage her own family to take waste prevention and recycling seriously.