Troubled Waters: The Dilemma of Dams
Troubled Waters: The Dilemma of Dams
Troubled Waters: The Dilemma of Dams
Item#: TRO-951-D
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Running Time: 53 minutes
G 9-Adult
Beth & George Gage


"Combining beautiful cinematography, touching remembrances, and passionate arguments on both sides of the issue, this thought-provoking program is recommended."
- Video Librarian

"This film opens up a brand new chapter on conservation history: eradicating the mistakes that we have made. The film, through poetry, prose and site specific arguments, awakens people to the possibility of the act of restoration and envisioning something that once was."
- Bruce Babbit, Former Secretary of the Interior


- Platinum Award in Nature & Wildlife, Worldfest International Film Festival
- Best Documentary, Crested Butte Reel Fest
- Best Conservation Film, Telluride Mountainfilm Festival
- First Prize, Earthvision Environmental Film Festival



- Taos Mountain Film
- DC Environmental Film Festival
- Hazel Wolfe Environmental Film Festival
- Wild and Scenic Film Festival
- Telluride Mountain Film Festival

From the creators of the award-winning film Fire on the Mountain. Depending on whom you ask, the United States has between 75,000 and 2,500,000 dams. Many have outlived their usefulness.

This film takes a personal, passionate, and controversial look at dams, where commerce is served but nature destroyed. Blending still photos with archival and new footage, the film considers environmental, cultural, economic, and spiritual arguments for and against decommissioning dams, arguing that dams divorce a river from its eco-system, thereby destroying biodiversity and the river's habitat.

Compelling and informative, the film's voices come from a cross section of people intimately involved with dam and river issues, many of whom you will recognize. Featuring legendary conservationist David Brower, Former Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbit, and well-known Glen Canyon performer and activist Katie Lee, this film raises the question of how much economic value we should extract from our rivers before we've given up too much of the earth's wild beauty. Featuring music by Don Henley.