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Running Time: 32 minutes
G 10-Adult
Michelle Voss


"Powerful...encourages people to become aware, take action, and be part of the clean energy future."
- School Library Journal

"Although Americans comprise only 5% of the world's population, they consume over 1/3 of its electricity. Given the depletion of fossil fuels, global population growth, and increased environmental deterioration, the time is well overdue for the U.S. to begun implementing sustainable energy.

Michelle Voss's Velocity offers a serious but hopeful look at how this might be accomplished, introducing viewers to terms such as "natural capitalism" and "economic externality," ideas that link the heatlth of the planet and its people to the profits businesses seek.

Pointing out that true costs reach far beyond money (including quality of life and even international relations and conflicts), the program serves up real-life examples of succesful and profitable business models, from lucrative West Texas "wind ranches" to a beer brewery that uses all alternative (non fossil-fuel) energy sources. Boasting Excellent cinematography, editing and graphics, this timely wake-up call is recommended. "
- Video Librarian

"Velocity picks up where environmental films left off thirty years ago, thoroughly illustrating the benefits of alternative energy sources for our economy and for our environment. This is first-rate filmmaking with elegant cinematography and a compelling story. Velocity is indispensable for educators who want to introduce concepts of sustainability and new ways of looking at the world."
- Marshall Frech, Director, Texas Environmental Center


- First Place, Alternative Energy, EarthVision 2004



- Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival
- EarthVision 2004
- Earth Day Sonoma 2004
- Siskiyou International Film Festival 2005
- Mill Valley Environmental Film Festival 2005

A powerful message of optimism, Velocity travels from the U.S. to Europe exploring clean energy production and the increasing economic advantages of wind power. Illustrating how sustainable economic development must include the protection of our fragile natural and human resources, this film shows us how wind energy has not only reduced the impact of pollution from burning fossil fuels, but has also created billions of dollars in economic development across the Northern Hemisphere.

Also including segments on 100% Wind-Powered Beer at New Belgium Brewery, green building, hyper-efficient cars and a potential hydrogen economy, this film further examines how sustainability benefits us now, and how this benefit promises to grow exponentially in the future. Pairing insightful interviews with stunning 16mm film footage of aerial landscapes and giant wind turbines,

Velocity forges a passage into our sustainable future, and provides us with the promise we all need to step out in action and take part in the clean energy revolution.