Wake Up Call: Saving The Songbirds
Wake Up Call: Saving The Songbirds
Wake Up Call: Saving The Songbirds
Item#: WAK-814-V

Running Time: 14 minutes
Grades 3-8
Claire Blotter


"This video and study guide would be an excellent choice for a classroom activity or home schooling project. Highly recommended for schools from kindergarten through junior high and general public library video collections. One teacher made this a project with her class and the pride and enjoyment that resulted serves as an inspiration for all of us."

- Educational Media Reviews Online

"Recommended . . .Wake-Up Call interweaves--with great effectiveness--interviews with elementary school children, scientists, and environmentalists, while suggesting very simple ways viewers can support the bird population in their own backyards. . . More than just a celebration of our musical little friends. It is "a wake-up call" that reveals just why 15% of the earth's birds are considered endangered and what we can do to help restore the numbers."

- Video Librarian


Second Prize, Santa Cruz Environmental Film Festival (Endangered Species Category)



-Mill Valley Film Festival
-Hazel Wolf Film Festival
-Chicago Children's Film Festival
-Santa Cruz Environmental Film Festival
-Seattle Children's Film Festival
-Michigan Children's Film Festival

Wake Up Call: Saving the Songbirds celebrates migratory birds and their beautiful, complex songs. It also reveals why they are rapidly disappearing throughout the world.

Through the candid voices of elementary and junior high school students as well as renowned bird experts, the film offers solutions for preserving bird populations by working "in your own backyard."

Music by Dan Alvarez and Emmy award winning composer, Gary Malkin, humorous footage of the acclaimed Piedmont High bird callers, and breathtaking close-ups of joyfully singing birds all combine to inspire audiences to protect the natural habitat and its creatures.