Wilderness: The Last Stand
Wilderness: The Last Stand
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Running Time: 53 minutes
G 7-Adult
Miranda Smith


""**** Four stars. Highly recommended for junior high through adult. This fine video serves to educate us all about this complex issue."
- Video Rating Guide for Libraries

"Engaging...A scathing look at the timber cutting mindset that dominates the U.S. Forest Service."
- Telluride Times-Journal


- Best of the Best in Broadcast Journalism
- Best Documentary, Colorado Society of Professional Journalists
- 1996 Heartland Regional Emmy nominee
- Chris Award, Columbus International Film Festival
- Gold Medal, New York Festivals



- Denver International Film Festival
- Banff Festival of Mountain Films & Best of the Festival Tour
- Vermont International Film Festival
- Hawaii International Film Festival
- Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival
- Breckenridge Festival of Film
- Big Green Screen San Francisco
- Green Extreme Film Festival
- Sinking Creek Film/Video Festival
- International Festival of Mountain Films
- Slovakia Social Outcast Film & Video Festival
- Environmental Film Festival in Our Nation's Capital

Wilderness: The Last Stand is a powerful, investigative look at the status of America's last remaining virgin forests. It examines the impact of U.S. Forest Service (USFS) policies, vividly documenting the continuing harm caused by clearcutting. Compelling and beautifully shot, the video presents a wide range of opinions through interviews with conservationists, loggers, Vice-President Al Gore, USFS, and former agency employees who are organizing to change USFS logging policies.

Narrated by Susan Sarandon. Study guide includes ideas for science, social studies and English teachers.