Wind Over Water: The Debate over Wind Power
Wind Over Water: The Debate over Wind Power
Item#: WIN-913-D
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Running Time: 32 minutes
G 10-Adult
Ole Tangen Jr.


"Does an outstanding job of analyzing the various concerns of the opposing factions. All sides are treated fairly and there is no indication of bias. An effective addition to a lesson on alternative energy. . . stimulates discussion and debate on how best to meet our future energy needs."
- School Library Journal

"An informative look at a timely environmental topic, this is recommended."
-Video Librarian

"Wind Over Water is an excellent teaching tool, aptly framing the offshore wind debate for further discussion."
-Dorothy Bisbee, Professor of Law, Southern New England School of Law

"Wind Over Water is a remarkable film that achieves the very difficult goal of providing an objective, informative and entertaining account of one of the most controversial environmental projects in the United States. It has tremendous value as a teaching tool around environmental and public policy issues."
-Greg Watson, Vice President, Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy, Massachusetts Technology Collaborative




Wind power is currently a 5 billion dollar global industry and is growing at the rate of 40% per year. As the new millennium begins with wind energy emerging as a viable alternative to power supplied by coal and oil, America is faced with the choice to embrace new energy technologies like offshore wind, or to continue our dependency on fossil fuels.

For Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the first community in America faced with the prospect of living next door to an offshore wind facility, making this decision has proven to be a challenging and fervently contested endeavor.